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10 *FACEPALM* Chinese Translations From a Banana

10 *FACEPALM* Chinese Translations From a Banana

(Banana: Yellow on the outside, but white on the inside; typically refers to Chinese who speak only or mostly English and are uncomfortable with Mandarin or dialects.)

So now we have some bananas in our circle of friends. They can bring hours of endless laughter whenever they attempt to speak Mandarin. Here, we bring you some of the best *FACEPALM* translations as we make our banana-friends translate these uniquely Singapore terms.

1.NTUC Club

Banana translation: 职总跳舞会

Actual Translation: 职总俱乐部

This one’s really really really fun! Not all clubs are made for dancing, yo? Here, my banana friends, is how NTUC Club looks like. Click HERE to find out what it’s all about.

2. NTUC Fairprice

Banana translation: 职总公平价钱

Actual Translation: 职总平价合作社

Of course, usually people go there for their grocery shopping. But lo and behold, there are actually people who go there for their pre-wedding shoot! Click HERE to read all about it.

facepalm 2

3. Labour Chief

Banana translation: 劳工老大

Actual translation: 劳工/工会领袖

In case you didn’t know, the Labour Chief is Minister Lim Swee Say hor. Guess it’s all boring and dry to read about labour union stuff, ya? So, how about checking out THE LABOUR CHIEF’S LOVE STORY?

facepalm 3

4. Health Promotion Board (HPB)

Banana translation: 健康大减价局

Actual translation: 新加坡保健促进局

Did you know that there’s all sorts of information and, my oh my, even quizzes on the HPB WEBSITE? Go check out how to lose some weight and all that jazz AFTER the CNY binges, alrighty?

facepalm 4

5. Ministry of Education

Banana translation: 学生部

Actual translation: 教育部

Woohoo, have you heard about ASPIRE? Yes, life is not all about getting a degree! The government is pushing for more and better career choices for non-graduates, and they’re bumping up all the resources to invest in SKILLSFUTURE to encourage people in the mastery of deeper skills.

facepalm 5

6. Ministry of Defence

Banana translation: 很多帅哥的保护部

Actual translation: 国防部

This translation is really really really hilarious, don’t you think??? Guess our banana-friends just couldn’t figure out how to say defence in Mandarin, so they just do their best by describing what they see and think of when they hear Ministry of Defence!

facepalm 6a

And oh, have you read The Influencer Network’s BLOGGER FLORAISABELLE’s POST ON THAT RSAF INCIDENT? It sorta went viral, and we sorta agree with her. Go read!

7. Ministry of Home Affairs

Banana translation: 家庭第三者部

Actual translation: 内政部

OHMYGAWD!! And we thought no.6 was hilarious!!! Click HERE to find out what this ‘scandalous’ ministry really really does!

facepalm 6

8. Central Provident Fund (CPF)

Banana translation: 中间给钱部

Actual translation: 中央公积金

Guess everyone knows what the CPF is, ya? But did you know that the government has set up a CPF Review Advisory panel to look at what possible changes the citizens want? They should be sharing the recommendations pretty soon.

Meanwhile, NTUC has also come up with THEIR OWN CPF WISHLIST. This is drawn up after consulting with some 250 union members with representatives from different pockets of the working population, including the young working adults, the PMEs (Professionals, Managers & Executives) and also mature workers.

facepalm 7

9. Progressive Wage Model (PWM)

Banana translation: 步步工钱模特儿

Actual translation: 渐进式薪金制

People say a picture says a thousand words.

We think a video speaks a thousand more. So here you go!

Watch HERE

And, you can read The Influencer Network’s BLOGGER IISJONG’s TAKE ON PROGRESSIVE WAGE MODEL FOR SECURITY OFFICERS. She makes a mighty convincing story, we say!

10. Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

Banana translation: 新加坡出国旅行局

Actual translation: 新加坡旅游促进局

We hope STB won’t come after us for reminding everyone about RATHER EMBARRASSING PROMO VIDEO THAT THEY’D ACTUALLY DELETED

facepalm 10

So there, our Top 10 *FACEPALM* Translations, brought to you courtesy of our banana-friends. Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Freelance TIM Writer: Deensy Yew

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