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4 Ways to Meet your Resolution in the Remaining Months

It is already the month of August – we are left with four more months before 2014 comes to a close. Beginning of a new year is always the time where resolutions are made rapidly but as time month goes on, they become unfufilled and half-baked at best. With the remaining four months left before we usher yet another new year, how are you going to meet your resolutions from the start? Here are 5 tips for you to make full use of the remaining months for an accomplished year.

1) Start by making realistic and small goals


Things do not happen overnight and we all know that by now. Do not expect changes to be instant – allow lag time and start by making small goals to match real-life expectations. If you set to shed 10 kg by the end of 2014, start by aiming to lose 2 kg for the first month. From there, narrow down even more – 1 kg in 2 weeks. Small and realistic goals act as self-esteem boosters. You will feel better about reaching your goals through the constant effort. This can be extremely motivating, especially when your resolutions can be unbelievably enormous.

2) Do countdowns


Always countdown to surprises and significant dates that you set to achieve your resolutions by. If you aim to get a beach bod, count down to the next outing to the beach and use that as a mark to motivate yourself. You will be surprised how countdowns can help. It gives you a target and date to achieve your resolution. Having a specific date to look forward to will help in your morale to getting things done!

3) Get friends to join you


Resolutions can be a real pain at times. Get friends to join you in the process; this can definitely help in achieving your goals. Friends motivate each other – unless all of you are of the same personality trait and give up altogether at once. If your resolution concerns academic results, get friends with you on the same boat and study together! Help others to help yourself. It is always better to have company to lighten the mood and make you feel better about everything.

4) Don’t give up

giving up

Whenever you feel like giving up – remember why you held on for so long. Don’t give up because of temporary happiness. We must learn to think about the future and long term goals. Remind yourself of the opportunity costs if you do not achieve your resolution this year; maybe this will serve as a motivation to hang on. You can be so close to get what you want and not know it.

It is only human nature that we lose the faith and motivation to set out what we have aimed to achieve. With the right attitude, support and discipline, I strongly believe that your resolutions for 2014 will be met by year-end. Don’t pray when it rains if you don’t pray when the sun shines.

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