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7 Things you should do during Freshmen Orientation Camps

1) Make friends, like duh? Make friends especially with those who are in the same course as you. At least you will have a few friends who you can hang out with, if all gets too awkward.


2) Find a bestie, someone who has the same likes as you or one who you can just stick to like glue. At least you won’t be forever alone in the OG.


3) Get into the good books of friends of the opposite gender. Having them on your side will help a lot when it comes to physically challenging games. That said, they can come to your rescue when you lest expect it, for instance, an annoying date.


4) Ask, ask and ask your seniors about everything you need to know. What’s the program for today? How to do course registration? How to get to this place from my hall? Ask. They are only too willing to share, if they are nice seniors. It also gives them the impression you are excited about university life.


5) Have fun! If not now, when? Just remember that there is a chance that the whole faculty will probably be judging you thereafter by how you conduct yourself.


6) Show off your enthusiasm. You might just get a lot of likes from everyone. Yet it may not be a good thing, depending on how evil your seniors are. They might vote you best freshie or decide to make a public spectator of you.


7) If you have a hot bod or think you are pretty enough to get into Pageant, dress up for it. There will be at least one occasion for you to doll up and impress. That’s your ticket to fame, if fame is what you seek.


 Writer: Samuel Low

Writer: Samuel Low

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