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Blog and Win: Top 3 Winners!

The Blog & Win contest has finally come to a close, with the announcement of the 3 winners over the Vesak Day holiday. In case you’ve missed, here are the Top 3 Winners of The Influencer Talent:

Cheowster wrote on the 10 perks of being a blogger, with her bubbly personality shining through her entry.

You will be seeing more of Don – the colourful personality with a loud and fearless voice.

Tricia is the girl-next-door and she will charm you with her disposition!

The team will present the prizes to the winners at our in-house party tomorrow. To find out more about latest updates, do follow The Influencer Network or The Influencer Media on Facebook. More insights and sneak peeks will be coming your way as we interview all 3 of them. Stay tuned!

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