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Capital Gains launches Singapore’s First Financial Edu-tainment card game Wongamania

Capital Gains launches Singapore’s First Financial Edu-tainment card game Wongamania


Designed by independent studio Capital Gains LLP, Wongamania, a fun and fast-paced game like Monopoly Deal, is the first financial edu-tainment card game in the world that is modeled after modern economics.  It is an innovative and evolutionary card game that changes the way we learn about money, economics and investing.

The company hopes to relive the card game culture and experience in Singapore, where people can connect, interact and learn the basics of modern economics in a casual and interactive manner. Weighing less than 400 grams, Wongamania has been designed to be small and portable, which makes the card game a perfect item to bring along on a vacation or when chilling out with friends in the evenings.

The real life financial edu-tainment card game comes with 143 cards with 53 uniquely designed artwork, that makes learning about economics, assets, taxes and interest rates fun and enjoyable.

The company is currently raising funds through Starhub’s crowdfunding platform Crowdtivate (, a platform for entrepreneurs to gather contributions from the crowd in the form of feedback funding, resources or ideas. The company hopes to raise SGD10,000 through this platform.

Growing up, one will definitely bound to experience financial difficulties in today’s economy. This game aims to give players a glimpse of the various economic situations while tapping on their minds to solve problems at the same time.  The basic concept of Wongamania is that it brings players through a typical economic cycle consisting of 4 stages: The Recovery Stage, The Growth Stage, The Stagnant Stage and the Recession Stage.  In order to win the game, players will have to accumulate a certain amount of money, which is termed as Wonga.

When interviewed, the Co-Founder of Capital Gains LLP and Game Designer of Wongamania Lye Wen Song Xeo highlighted that people generately hated economics, as it is dry and tedious with a lot of memorizing work to do. ‘I hope to create an interesting and fun card came, to get people interested about economics, money and investing. We hope that after all the fun and laughter, people will be interested to learn more about financial jargons such as bonds, debt crisis and property bubble, etc.   We also hope to use Wongamania to showcase the talent of local artist through games’, said Xeo Lye.

Xeo Lye’s inspiration came after playing Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow 101, which teaches people the concept of a balance sheet in a simple and fun manner. With this in mind, Xeo wanted to create a game that teaches people about the basic principles of economics in a simple and fun manner and started working on the concept of Wongamania in 2012. The first prototype was developed in 2013.

Alvin Chow, Founder of & Best Selling Author of  “Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus said: ‘Wongamania is simple and fun to play. It can be challenging at the same time if players try to outwit one another. But skills alone won’t get you success, and the game has done well by embedding the element of luck to reflect the realities of life. Part skill and part luck makes the game challenging and fun!’

‘Wongamania is a financial educational card game that simulates real life economic scenarios and situations. What I like about this game is that players can learn valuable lessons and gain insights into investing without having to put your actual money. For anyone who aspires to be a smarter investor, Wongamania is among the most important investment game ever created’: said Jonathan Quek, Bestselling Author of “Why Gold Why Silver Why Now” and “Keep Investment Simple & Stupid”

The company has launched a limited edition of Wongamania with only 300 sets available internationally. The main edition of Wongamania is expected to be officially on sale from 7th December 2014 onwards. The expected retail price for Wongamania main edition is SGD$38.

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