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Châteaux: Modern Club With a Twist

Châteaux, a new boutique night club, is an alluring experience that you need to know. Located at Circular Road, the location boasts of beautiful diverse crowds and gorgeously gentrified shophouses. A stark contrast to the surrounding CBD setting, Châteaux is a perfect place for unwinding from a day of hectic work.


From the masters behind Dom Lounge, nightlife veteran Sharma Das and fashion mogul Andrew Carver embarked on Châteaux, earmarked as the next hottest club in Singapore with its brilliant concept.


Boasting 5,000 sq. ft. spread over 3 levels, Châteaux will impress you with 3 different atmospheres. The first level (which has opened) holds the Boutique club. Plush interior, the boutique club of Châteaux can host over 200 guests on its full house. The interior is chic and innovative with mainly dark wood furniture and red lounge. The team sat on the comfortable and classy red lounge as we take stress off our mind with a glass of champagne.

With an eye for stylish nightlife, Châteaux is the next space to look out for.

Châteaux Singapore 79 Circular Road #02-01 Singapore 049433

Phone: 92989470 Email: Website:

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