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Chronological overview of the Jem accidents saga

Jem is perhaps well-known by the westerners of Singapore as one of the most comprehensive shopping malls in the area. Known as the first lifestyle hub in the region with integration of shopping, entertainment and residence at the same location, Jem’s opening was anticipated by many. Anchor tenants the likes of Topshop, H&M, Uniqlo and Robinsons are all within the mall, making it a popular hangout for shopaholics after school and work. Other than being the shopping gem of the west, Jem is also perhaps more notoriously known for the list of accidents that happen within the mall. The list goes on even longer than some of our resumes! Many put the root cause of these accidents to the rapid construction of the shopping mall and development of Jurong East. Here is a chronological overview of the accidents at Jem.

11 June 2013

The official opening of Jem was delayed due to tenant permit issues. It was reported that none of the shops in Jem applied for a Fire Safety Certificate. If that appears insignificant, it is not. As a way to appease some of the enthusiasts of the mall, Jem gave out $10 shopping vouchers for the 1st hour of its opening on 15 June 2013.

14 August 2013

Deep fryer at NTUC FairPrice Xtra caught fire, resulting in 3 employees suffering from minor burns. The fire was put out by the sprinklers in the supermarket.

17 August 2013

A Nissan Saloon caught fire at B2 carpark of Jem, the cause was unknown. This resulted in the evacuation of all staff and patrons from the mall and thee fire was put out by sprinklers.

18 September 2013

The false ceiling near BreadTalk and Yankee Candle collapsed, believed to be due to a faulty water-pipe. The mall was closed till 2 October 2013 before it was reopened to the public. The 2-weeks closure was intended for rigorous inspection of the infrastructure of the mall.

29 November 2013

A glass door shattered on the first floor next to H&M, no one was injured.

21 March 2014

Jem was hit by an 11-hour power cut which affected mainly retailers from the basement and third floor. The power failure occurred from around 7am to 6pm. Some shops operated in darkness, while others simply called it a day.

17 June 2014

The sprinklers that helped to put out the 2 incidents of fires showed their wrath. The malfunctioned sprinklers continuously sprayed water over a duration of 10 minutes. OSIM, then on the center of the roadshow floor, suffered the worst damage. Shops in the vicinity with carpeted flooring also suffered from water seeping in.

3 April 2015

There was a fire at H&M which was put out with a water jet. The blaze was caused by the electrical wires in the exterior wall of the building. It was described as “not that big, but not that small” – no one was hurt; in fact, many were oblivious of the blaze that occurred between the exterior infrastructure and the building itself.

16/17 April 2015

A blocked pipe at SaladWorks resulted in flooding that culminated for 2 days. An employee working in the area noted that the shop was flooded during the Christmas period last year as well.

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng Photo credits as linked

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