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Community Games and Sports Festival 2014

Through sports, one can learn and gain so much invaluable lessons. Especially in our fast-paced, economy-driven nation, time is a precious resource and there is nothing more rewarding than a good game of your favourite sports with your loved ones. Your health will also improve through sports and activities. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

The Community Sports Club (CSC) is an initiative by the People’s Association (PA) which aims to promote social cohesion and racial harmony through sporting activities – at the same time safeguarding and maintaining our nation’s prosperous peace.

It is no wonder some of our bloggers were overjoyed when it comes to sharing stories and views on their sporting lifestyle!

Melvin goes for 5km run once a week and takes part in interesting local running events like the recent Color Run

Corliss Tan shares with us her favourite sports – netball and badminton

Wee Heng challenged his perseverance with a 51km cycle route with his trusty buddy – a foldable Dahon Dove

Benjamin was taught teamwork through rigorous training being in the dragon-boat team

Venice gives back to the society by taking part in the vertical marathon, which raises funds for cancer-stricken

Jody, inspired by Lord of the Rings, tries out archery

Karen tells us her story about yoga

Joel loves all kind of sports but his favourite is soccer

Stephanie recounts her rhythmic gymnastics experience

Shaun Owyeong feels carefree when surrounded in water

Melissa tells us why dragon-boat is more than just rowing

Darren shares with us his weight loss through sports

Sports has taught our bloggers teamwork, perseverance and has fostered strong friendships among their teammates and friends. How has sports played a role in your life?

About Community Sports Festival 2014

The Community Sports Festival (CSF) 2014 is a series of sports organised by the Community Sports Club Council (CSC Council) and Community Sports Clubs (CSCs) in partnership with various Grassroots Organisations. Currently ongoing, the sports festival will be held until 30 June, at various venues across the island. Open to all age groups in different categories, CSF hopes to inculcate a strong sporting culture and amplify the opportunities in each Group Representation Constituency (GRC) or constituency.

Take part in our Instagram Challenge and you can stand a chance to win a $50 Takashimaya Shopping Voucher. All you have to do is to attend any of our Community Games or Community Sports Festival events, post a photo of a ‘Winning Moment’ , follow us @CommunitySportsClub and add #thewinningmoment #CGSG2014 #CSFSG2014 in your photo caption. This campaign ends 1st May 2014.

The ‘Winning Moment’ is not limited to only proud moments of victory but also heartfelt situations where friendships and camaraderie were observed.  It could be a player giving a friendly hug to an opponent, a handshake signifying long-term friendships, or even players having small conversations in and out of the competition. Define your own ‘Winning Moment’ today!

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Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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