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Domino’s Pizza is Hiring!

Domino’s Pizza is offering fun and attractive career opportunities for people who are interested to embark on an amazing and rewarding “pizza” career! These exciting positions offered include ‘Delivery Experts’, ‘Pizza Chefs’ and Management.

The international fast food pizza delivery corporation, Domino’s Pizza, is a renowned and popular choice amongst people for relishing their favorite fast food, the Pizza. Today, this huge franchise has a profound global impact and has more than 8,900 corporate and franchise stores in more than 65 countries.

Keith Brown, Country Operations Manager of Domino’s Pizza Singapore, said, “Domino’s Pizza recognizes the importance of it’s front-line service staff, because it’s success depends on the flavor of the pizza and excellent customer service given by both its store team members, pizza chefs and delivery experts. Domino’s pizza guarantees that all deliveries will be completed within 30 minutes, take-away orders to be completed within 15 minutes, and product satisfaction that will include a money-back guarantee if the consumer is not satisfied with the quality of their pizzas. These guarantees are only possible with the help of skilled pizza chefs, efficient delivery experts and an effective management team.”

“Working with Domino’s Pizza promises many employee benefits, which include the 13th month salary with performance bonuses, medical benefits and employee insurance, flexibility in arranging working hours, attendance and punctuality incentives, and the prospect of further career advancements with Domino’s as well as referral incentives,” he concluded.

To motivate Domino’s staff further, the company has also launched an incentive program called the ‘Rolex Challenge’. The rewards include a specially customized Domino’s stainless steel Rolex watch, or USD 2,000, which will be given to store managers who are able to complete 4 weeks of sales above the fixed appropriate targets, as well as achieving outstanding performance through evaluation reports.

Domino’s Pizza prides itself on being the world’s leading pizza delivery expert. Through Domino’s stores, team members learn about teamwork, business, management, and what it takes to succeed. Nearly all of Domino’s operational leaders started their careers with Domino’s from humble roots and beginnings.

Domino’s Pizza Singapore and Malaysia received the ‘HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2013’ awarded by HR Asia. This prestigious award recognises corporations with significant levels of employee engagement and excellent workplace culture.

As of July 2014, there are 15 Domino’s Pizza stores in Singapore. For more information on menu, online promotions and delivery coverage areas, kindly log on to


Q: What are the benefits of working with Domino’s Pizza Singapore A: Working with Domino’s Pizza promises many employee benefits. These include the 13th month salary with performance bonuses, medical benefits and employee insurance, flexibility in working hours, attendance and punctuality incentives, and the prospects of further career advancements with Domino’s as well as referral incentives.

Q: Are there monetary incentives in place to motivate Domino’s Staff? A: Domino’s has a Rolex Challenge which is eligible for all corporate and franchise store managers. With this incentive, store managers are rewarded when his/her store achieves four consecutive weeks of royalty sales at target levels. Store managers will be rewarded a specialized customized Domino’s stainless steel Rolex or USD 2000. Domino’s believes the achievement of a Rolex Challenge deserves special recognition. Rolex Challenge winners will be presented their award during the local awards event. Winners have the opportunity to be recognized by their peers for this great accomplishment.

Q: What are some job positions that are available for my readers to apply? A: The job positions include Assistant Manager, Delivery Expert and Pizza Chef.

Q: Can you share with use more about the monthly salary for these positions? A: At Domino’s, we believe in remunerating our staff fairly and competitively to the market practice. The approximate salaries are: Assistant Manager ( up to $3,800), Delivery Expert and Pizza Chef ( up to $1,750) per month.

Q: How can my readers apply for the jobs at Dominos if they are keen? A: Interested applicants can call us at 94243003 or log on to Our HR personnel will contact them once they receive their resumes.

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