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First-ever Korean Tapas Bar opens in Serangoon Gardens

Following the success of its Korean bistro outlet at Westgate, SYNC opens the first-ever Korean Tapas Bar in the quaint heartland of Serangoon Gardens. At a small setting opposite MyVillage, SYNC Korean Tapas Bar hopes to share the owners’ love for Korean food and culture in Singapore. The bar promises to deliver modern Korean food with a hint of fusion and twist.

Soju Mojito

One of the more unique drink from the Tapas Bar is the Soju Mojito ($9.90) which is a creamy, minty and refreshing concoction, very different from other mojitos outside.


Dak-KangJung ($9.90) is one of my favourite tapas here. The deep-fried chicken bites is crispy on the outside and tender within, which goes well with the thick and more-sweet than spicy sauce, topped with ricotta chili tempura.


Ssam ($40.90)  is SYNC’s version of the chinese kou rou buns. The pork ribs are so tender that they fall apart under the fork and knife. The ribs are also very well-seasoned, though some may find it a little salty if eaten without the buns.


One of the best mains from SYNC Korean Tapas Bar is the Dak Gar-Bi ($38.90), a unique fusion of flavours. The paella is served with generous spicy chicken, onions, mushroom, cabbage, sausage and kimchi. The taste is just right, with each grain infused with the kimchi flavour. As it is served fresh and hot, the paella is prepared from scratch and will require 20 to 30 minutes of preparation time.


For desserts, go for the Misugaru ($8.90), which comes from 12 types of multi-grains. The lava cake flows freely, and the nutty and rich flavour elevates the lava cake. Served with vanilla ice-cream and strawberries and lime compote gives the dessert a well-balance of tastes.


Hotteok ($8.90) is a chewy pancake served with banana foster. The sweet pancake is crispy on the skin, chewy in the middle with crushed hazelnuts hidden within.

Sync Korean Tapas Bar_Serangoon Garden Estate_interior 0

SYNC Korean Tapas Bar, #SYNCTapas, serves up impressive mains with really great desserts for an impeccable dining experience for the price. With the cozy ambience of Serangoon Gardens and the comfortable interior design, this new Tapas Bar will be a promising spot for friends and families looking for a place to dine and chill, over some of the uniquely concocted soju and fresh pint of Great White.

SYNC Korean Tapas Bar 12 Maju Avenue, Serangoon Garden Estate 3pm to 11pm (Sun to Thurs), 3pm to 12am (Fri, Sat, PH and eve of PH) +65 6282 0612 Writer: Leong Chee Sheng Photos: Nichology, SYNC media kit

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