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For Beloved One – Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly

See miraculous changes and relieve all your skin problems overnight! What is For Beloved One?

The concept of a “Red Wine Face Mask” has begun since 10 years ago, when Taiwanese actress and singer Barbie Hsu, who once played the role of Shan-Tsai in the popular TV drama Meteor Garden, introduced it in her beauty book – “The Beauty Queen (美容大王)”. Barbie Hsu, a top celebrity fan of FOR BELOVED ONE, recommended many beauty products in this book that have since become popular and classic items for many brands today, including FOR BELOVED ONE’s Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask, which has been the top selling item of the brand for ten years. In the book, she also recommended a Red Wine Mask that helped her solve overall skin problems.

Barbie indicated, “The effect of the mask gets better day after day, I realized that red wine masks has improved my overall skin condition.” Today, ten years later, FOR BELOVED ONE is launching the upgraded Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly for your skin to indulge in the most luxurious treatment and gain miraculous results. Today, most people are aware of the importance of anti-oxidants to maintain flawless, youthful skin; FOR BELOVED ONE points out that in addition to anti-oxidation, combining it with internal anti-glycation is the key to improving overall skin condition and solving all skin problems. Many common skin concerns such as blemishes, enlarged pores, lines and wrinkles actually originated from the often neglected Chronic Silent Inflammation (CSI) – the combined action of oxidation and glycation causing the acceleration of skin cell death, continuous destruction of collagen and basal membrane leading to premature skin aging. FOR BELOVED ONE’s new Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly, formulated with Red Wine Polyphenols from France, with patent formula Prodizia™, Vitis vinifera(Grape) Seed Extract and Phytessence™ Kudzu, is created to comprehensively protect skin from the destruction of CSI and relieve all skin problems. In addition, patented formula Lactobacillus Ferment brightens skin, Chronodyn™, known as skin energizer, accelerates metabolism, Phytessence™ Kudzu protects collagen and elastin from being broken down and maintains of cell structure to keep the skin looking youthful and finally, Vitis vinifera(Grape) Seed Extract strengthens skin immunity, creating radiant, youthful skin.

Anti-Oxidant + Anti-Glycation : Internal and external dual protection, resist all aging factors.

Chronic Silent Inflammation (CSI) is an aging process that begins before the appearance of the first wrinkle, which is caused by the combination of external oxidation and internal glycation of the skin; if neglected, it will lead to skin problems such as blemishes, enlarged pores and wrinkles. Oxidation is the overflow the free radicals caused by harm from the external environment, leading to the destruction and death of body cells. On the other hand, glycation is a natural internal process of body aging in which glucose binds with proteins causing cells to become stiff, less pliable and more susceptible to damage and premature aging, thus the appearance of wrinkles, sagginess and loss of radiance in skin. Therefore, FOR BELOVED ONE provides dual protection by combining both external “antioxidant” and internal “antiglycation” protection to target the root cause of chronic inflammation and comprehensively relieve all skin problems and elevate overall skin condition.

Pharmaceutical Patent Formulas: One step before bed to relieve all skin problems.

Red Wine Polyphenols: Powerful Anti-oxidant, Smoothes Wrinkles, Restore Radiance Extracted from the essence of the finest from South France, Red Wine Polyphenols, as its name suggests, is extracted from red wine. Research have proven that red wine consist of numerous important chemicals and nutrients. One of which, called polyphenols, also called Red Wine Polyphenols, is produced from of anti-oxidation process of grapes during its photosynthesis. Its anti-oxidant ability far surpasses Catechin and Lycopene, and is consisted of small molecules that allows effective absorption by the human body – a powerful antioxidant that can resist the harm from free radicals, and effectively prevents aging signs and restores skin supplesness and elasticity.

Prodizia™: Anti-glycation Patent – Accelerate metabolism, firm and moisturize skin Extracted from Albizia Julibrissin, also known as Persian Silk Tree, Prodizia supports cells detoxification systems (glyoxalase and proteasome), in order to protect and repair proteins damaged by glycation. It effectively prevents production and content glycotoxins within the skin to maintain cell vitality. Prodizia™ helps fight against glycation during the day and at night, it helps regulate melatonin levels of glycation-stressed skin cells, ensuring an maximum reparation during sleep, providing a 24 hour treatment that gets rid of visible signs of fatigue in skin such as dull complexion and loose skin. Prodizia™ significantly reduces glycotoxins Cell Anti-glycation Experiment

Vitis vinifera(Grape) Seed Extract: Anti-aging Skin Care Grape seed can protect collagen in dermis from decomposition and denaturation, which helps maintain skin’s firmness and elasticity, and strengthen skin’s immunity. A natural antihistamine with extraordinary anti-inflammatory effects, it protects skin against allergic reactions and inflammations caused by sun exposure. Its outstanding anti-oxidation effect helps prevent skin from oxidation from external harm such as sun exposure and environmental pollution, thus suppressing formation of melanin and helps brighten and even skin tone. Because free radicals caused by environmental pollution and ultraviolet rays accelerates the aging and death of skin cells, Grape Seed Extract’s exceptional anti-free radical benefits, makes it an ideal anti-aging ingredient.

Lactobacillus Ferment: Brighten and even skin tone Lactobacillus ferment adjusts the ratio of different types of melanin in skin by suppressing α-melanocyte-stimulating hormones. There are two types of melanin – Eumelanin (a deep black pigment) and Pheomelanin (a yellow-orange pigment). The ratio of these pigments determines your skin tone – the brighter your skin tone means you skin contains more Pheomelanin and vice versa. Melanocortin -1 receptor, which controls the type of melanin being produced, and when activated, causes the melanocyte to switch from generating the Pheomelanin to Eumelanin in replacement, can be combined with α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone to induce the formation of Eumelanin, while sacrificing the formation of Pheomelanin. Studies, however, have found that Lactobacillus ferment can switch this process around by inhibiting the α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone and disguising itself as a peptide like substance to bind itself with Melanocortin-1 receptor to prevent the formation of Eumelanin, and stimulate the formation of Pheomelanin. Meaning, Lactobacillus ferment inhibits the formation of Eumelanin (deep black pigment) while promoting the formation of Pheomelanin (yellow-orange pigment) thus achieving brighter, more even skin tone. Grape Seed Extract’s Efficacy against Free Radicals 1g of Grape Seed Extract is 2.8 times 1g of Vitamin E 1g of Grape Seed Extract is 2.2 times 1g of Vitamin C Comparison of Pigmentation Usage of 2% Lactobacillus Ferment Effectively suppresses tyrosinase formation.

Phytessence™ Kudzu: Maintain Youthful skin Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP), a multi-functional active component, causes the degradation of Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM), which functions to maintain the integrity of skin molecular structure. The increase of MMP levels in skin contributes to the formation of wrinkles and loss of firmness. Phytessence™ Kudzu can inhibit the activity of MMP9 and MMP13 (shown in the graph to the right) It protects and prevents the breakdown of collagen and elastin, as well as maintains the integrity of cell structure to keep the skin young. This essence keeps collagen and elastin from weakening, maintains cell activity and the youthfulness of skin, as well as increases skin radiance and firmness.

Chronodyn™: Cell Energizer – Accelerate Cell Repair Ability Chronodyn is like the battery of skincare products. It is extracted from Euglena Gracillis, a unicellular pseudo algae with an abundance of nutrition and triggers cell metabolism by stimulating the release of calcium and enhancing cell’s energy level. During day time, it defends skin against environmental irritants, and at night, it strengthens cell’s natural repair ability and helps fight against signs of fatigue and firms skin.


After regular skincare routine, apply desired amount onto entire face before bed and proceed with regular skincare routine the next morning. For best results, use 2-3 times a week. Can also be used anytime, apply a thick layer onto face and wash off after 15-20 min, skin will become instantly brighter and smoother. Suitable for use before special events. Can be used everyday, overall skin condition gets better day by day.

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