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Influencer Marketing: Homegrown Bloggers Lead the Way for a New Approach to Marketing

Influencer Marketing: Homegrown Bloggers Lead the Way for a New Approach to Marketing

The Influencer Talent, a platform grooming today’s hottest local bloggers to be tomorrow’s tastemakers

Celebrity Influencer Pamelyn Chee


Celebrity Influencer Mindee Ong


Celebrity Blogger Ben Jermie


Celebrity Influencer Wendy Toh

Celebrity Influencer Nicole Chen


Celebrity Blogger Sara Shantalle Lim


Manager of TIN and Blogger


Founder of TIN, Dennis Toh

A new approach to the people-centred science of marketing is being led, no surprise, by the online voices of digital stars on social networks. The Influencer Network, a homegrown platform for managing and grooming the brightest local bloggers, brings together brands, companies and advertisers with more than 100 super influencers and 30 celebrity bloggers in order to deepen engagement with audiences and tell brand stories in rich, compelling ways.

With 1.2 billion independent media owners worldwide sharing products, services, brands and events by the second, influencer marketing is enjoying a surge in popularity among consumers, and it is bloggers who are leading the pack. These tastemakers, style setters, trend alerters and fashion barometers exercise astonishing mastery in taking the pulse of cultural trends and running with it – in energetic, creative, idiosyncratic fashion – to influence huge segments of consumers.

The Influencer Network is the brainchild of veteran communications specialist and academic Dennis Toh, who conceived the agency in response to the enormous influence of electronic word of mouth: “Reality has gone social, that much is clear. I wanted to bring these young media owners online who were wielding so much power – to influence, to pilot trends, to respond to winds of change – together on one platform, and create something bigger than the sum of its parts. In this way, we help businesses build powerful presences, and make Singapore’s social and commercial landscape stronger and more interesting.”

The company, The Influencer Network Communications Group, comprises four brands. The Influencer Network is an integrated PR, social media and media agency; while The Influencer Media is a social news wired platform turning out breaking news in bite-sized portions, trending news and branded content, all curated from the non-stop throb of social media. Two of its top posts, one about Singaporean government policies – – and another about why businesses should engage bloggers – – offer a good peek at the work The Influencer Media does.

The Influencer TV is a unique online television experience focused on social media-related content as well as lifestyle, pop culture and youth entertainment topics. The TV shows star the brightest, most charismatic and beloved digital artistes cherry-picked from The Influencer Network’s stable of influencers.

The Influencer Talent is the division managing celebrity- and- blogger influencers. Those making up the top rung of bloggers include Nicole Chen, Celeste Chen, Sarah Shantalle Lee, Wee Heng (Aspirant SG), Hong Peng (Hpility), William Tan, Ben Jermine, Jason Chee, Isaac Ritz, Benjamin Tan, Nich Tan and Jacqueline Koh, just to name a handful.

Celebrity influencers – like Danny Yeo, Pamelyn Chee, Vincent Ng, Renfred Ng and Wendy Toh, who are surely not unfamiliar names and faces – cast a prominent and star-powered audience reach.

Past clients harnessing the power of these influencers for their brands include Domino’s Pizza, Mitju Shoes, Yum Cha Restaurant, Swee Heng Bakery, People’s Association, Le Spa, Feet Haven Reflexology, AO&N, Triple O’s, WhatHeWants, Only Aesthetics and HONEYBAY.

In 1936 Dale Carnegie published How to Win Friends and Influence People, attributing to influencers a “skill in human engineering”, an ability to lead people and “arouse in (others) an eager want”. Today’s blogging luminaries already understand this innately, and go further, engaging audiences and connecting to brands in savvy, dynamic and highly effective ways.

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