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Marz Sleep Spray For That Sweet Slumber’s Embrace


Developed by MarzLabs and the number 1 selling sleep spray in the United States, the oral sleep spray supports the high-quality restorative sleep that aids in improving mental toughness, sharpness and promotes optimal physiological health. With modern demands compromising the amount of rest we receive each night, the Marz Sleep Spray is recommended for anyone with insufficient, restless sleep or during times of intense physiological demands such as weight loss. Recommended up to 7 sprays a day, Marz Sleep Spray is also effective for a mid-afternoon snooze, refueling the body and mind.

Marz Sleep Spray delivers the daily dosage through a high-absorption oral spray aid, with variable-dosage control to suit an individual’s needs. The product promotes key active ingredients of proprietary blend including Gaba, Valerian Root and Chamomile supporting high quality restorative sleep. Designed to help you fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed, the product is sugar and gluten free, which also eliminates the grogginess and ‘hangover’ feel caused by melatonin pills.

Alternative sleep aid formats such as pills, capsules or tablets while widely available, have a lower absorption rate as compared to the oral spray properties. According to a research study conducted by Physician’s Desk, the rate of absorption through intra-oral sprays stands the highest at 90%. The oral sprays are also effectively utilized for direct usage or on food and drinks, optimizing dual functionality.

Distributed by Studio XII in Singapore, the Marz Sleep Spray is a 30ml portable travel size compliant with approximately 30 doses (210 sprays) for a month’s supply. Priced at $29.90, the sleep aid costs less than SGD$1 per serving, which is far cheaper and effective than other competitive products on the market in Singapore.

There will be a promotional contest, titled “Apply Of My Eye” for Marz Sleep Spray which will run for 2 months, from 23 October 2015. Spend a minumum of $20 (within a single receipt) on products from participating brands, and stand a chance to win an Apple iPad Mini 4, Apple Watch, Apple iPhone 6s or an iPad Pro w/ Pen. More details are available here:

Marz Sleep Sprays are available at selected Guardian stores in Singapore.

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