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Never worry about fire again! PYROCHILL is here.

SIPP International Industries, Inc. has announced today that it will begin marketing of their long awaited product, PYROCHILL.

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Have you ever burned yourself accidentally? Do you remember the lingering pain that followed you for hours upon hours; afterward? Imagine the pain again. Most of us never think about fire and the pain that fire can cause. But, for those of you that do… Never worry about fire again! PYROCHILL is here.

PYROCHILL is a non toxic, non corrosive, biodegradable, child proof liquid. Whatever material that you treat with PYROCHILL; it will never catch on fire. To prove its effectiveness, spray PYROCHILL on an ordinary paper towel. Allow the paper towel to dry and then try to set it on fire. It won’t burn.

Whatever porous material you treat with PYROCHILL… the company guarantees it will never catch on fire! EVER!!!! Spray it on your clothes, camouflage fatigues, canvas awnings, camping gear, automobile interiors, barns, storage sheds, cedar shake roofing tiles, outside wooden decking, carpet, upholstery, blankets, mattresses, building materials, cardboard boxes, baby blankets, curtains, comforters, bed spreads, kitchen cabinets above the stove, toilet paper…and the list goes on.

PYROCHILL, is the key component in our fight to reducing the devastating impact of fire that could destroy your family, relatives, and friends lives at any given time; day or night. PYROCHILL treats potentially flammable materials, including textiles and plastics from ever catching on fire; absent of the poisonous gasses emitted in other Flame Retardants that are now being yanked off of retail shelves due to toxicity.

To better understand how PYROCHILL works, it’s helpful to understand the CYCLE OF FIRE.

Initial fire ignition sources can be any energy source (e.g., heat, incandescent materials, a small spark, a flame a lit cigarette, a book of matches, etc.). These types of ignition sources cause the material to burn and decompose (pyrolysis), releasing flammable and at most times, poisonous gases into the air..

If solid materials do not break down into gases, they remain in a condensed phase. During this phase, they will slowly smolder and, often, self-extinguish, especially if they “char,” meaning the material creates a carbonated barrier between the flame and the underlying material.

In the gas phase, flammable and at times; poisonous gases released from the materials are mixed with oxygen from the air. In the combustion zone, or the burning phase, fuel, oxygen and free radicals combine to create chemical reactions that cause visible flames to appear. The fire then becomes selfsustaining because, as it continues to burn the material, more flammable gases are released, feeding the combustion process.

When PYROCHILL is present, it can act in three key ways to not only stop the burning process, but prevent fire as well.

PYROCHILL disrupts the combustion stage of a fire cycle, including the prevention “flash over,” or the burst of flames that engulf a room and makes it much more difficult to escape.

PYROCHILL, limits the process of decomposition by physically encapsulating the available fuel sources from the material source with a fire-resisting “char” layer.

PYROCHILL, dilutes the flammable gases and oxygen concentrations in the flame formation zone by emitting nano particles of water, nitrogen and other inert gases when it comes in direct contact with heat.

PYROCHILL FIRE INHIBITOR prevents the spread of fire and minimizes fire damage. Unlike most flame retardants that only delay the time before something catches on fire…

PYROCHILL is a fire INHIBITOR. It prevents any treated material from ever catching on fire.

So, protect your loved ones now! PYROCHILL your family today.

For More Information, Check out the Corporate Website of PYROCHILL.

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