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Novu opens its first curated concept clinic

NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinic has just raised the bar in the aesthetic field by launching its first curated clinic concept with the mission of not just providing expert skincare by medical professionals but also taking care of the holistic wellness and healing of patients.

Brain research has revealed that the mind and body continually communicate and your surroundings may influence your well-being in powerful ways. Creating an intentional healing environment is important in maintaining good health and skin. The use of colours, lighting, scent and sound, as well as symbolic meaning of the objects and pictures surrounding them, are all important.

Patients undergo laser treatments to correct various skin issues such as acne, wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring. The laser targets the underlying layers of the skin’s surface to promote healing and stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, thereby resulting in healthier skin. It is in the healing process that new cells are produced and skin rejuvenation takes place. Thus, NOVU created a space that helps to support the healing process and promote inner wellness.

Working hand in hand with award-winning architect, Mr. Chaw Chih Wen from Hyphen Architects and renowned vocalist and songwriter Ms. Corinne Gibbons, NOVU changed the entire landscape of the clinic’s environment from all aspects to stimulate and nourish the senses so that each visit becomes more of a therapeutic experience and not just another day spent at the aesthetic clinic.

Aside from curated music, cleverly designed interiors and well-placed lighting, the clinic also uses 100% pure, natural essential oils to promote relaxation and healing benefits which are a perfect complement to the signature treatments offered at NOVU clinics. NOVU envisioned this space for holistic wellness while thinking of an alternative approach to what everyone usually thinks of when the word clinic is mentioned. Just as it pioneered laser treatments in Singapore, NOVU is also trailblazing the concept of clinics that

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