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Singapore’s First Multi-Dimensional Dining Experience- The Imaginarium of Disco David

With a sold-out run of Dinner in Wonderland, And So Forth brings back the coveted format of dining and travelling through multi-dimensions.

Go through 5 eccentric, psychedelic spaces loaded with interactive details, discover strange, mystical characters that unravel a mystery surrounding David and finally eat a 4 course flavorous meal served in the most conspicuously imagined way possible

The Imaginarium of Disco David will be set in a secret location. Take a trip with Disco David down a series of fantastical rooms, meet his psychedelic consortiums, a Shaolin Lifeguard, the Swan Ballerinas, The Cunning Cabaret, and B-boy Goliath. Be ready for some dancing and spinning bound to get you deliriously disco.

The Imaginarium of Disco David premieres on 25th of August 2017 on Fridays & Saturdays


25th (Fri), 26th (Sat) August 2017

1st (Fri), 2nd  (Sat), 8th (Fri), 9th (Sat), 15th (Fri), 16th (Sat), 22nd (Fri) 23rd(Sat), 29th (Fri) 30th (Sat) September 2017

Location: Secret. (Guests will receive an SMS on the exact location at least 24 hours before the show)

Experience starts 30mins before the time slot booked.


Visit the ANDSOFORTH’s website to purchase online

Ticket price: $98 per person on Fridays

                         : $108 per person on Saturdays

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