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Singapore’s first Szechuan Yakitori bar for the taste of fire & spice

CHIKIN | Studiokel Photography by Kelly Fan | 2017

CHIKIN | Studiokel Photography by Kelly Fan | 2017

CHIKIN | Studiokel Photography by Kelly Fan | 2017

CHIKIN | Studiokel Photography by Kelly Fan | 2017

CHIKIN | Studiokel Photography by Kelly Fan | 2017

An exciting new addition to Singapore’s night scene, CHIKIN (meaning“chicken” in colloquial Japanese) specializes in SZECHUAN YAKITORI& COCKTAIL INFUSIONS. The second and newest venue by lifestyle group Coterie Dining Concepts (the team behind popular Cantonese Tapas Bar, Sum Yi Tai), CHIKIN was conceived with the aim of amping up the Yakitori experience through the devise of ‘Szechuan Mala’ skewers, an assortment of great Izakaya dishes and delicious cocktail concoctions within a buzzing atmosphere.


CHIKIN’s concept grew from a desire to marry the best of two Asian disciplines: the art of Japanese Yakitori and the mouthwatering flavours of Szechuan Shao Kao (meaning BBQ). From there sprouted a three-storey conservation shophouse dressed in Japanese pop art themed murals, neon lit walls, a crazy fun-filled attitude, and Singapore’s first Szechuan Yakitori bar.

Following Coterie Dining Concept’s debut establishment, Sum Yi Tai, CHIKIN is also housed in a three-storey conservation shophouse. Boldly themed with a Japanese pop art décor, CHIKIN is accentuated custom-designed kitschy and colourful installations and artworks to bring forth that “anything-goes” vibe for a fun filled night. The space follows a design scheme which allows for casual drinks along the bar counter on the ground floor, comfortable sit-down-dining on the second, and a reservations only private karaoke room on the third.


Using Japanese methods of grilling skewers over Binchotan flames, CHIKIN however ditches the traditional Japanese tare sauce and instead spices up its Yakitori with a signature Szechuan peppercorn (or “mala”) sauce. A first in Singapore, this innovation to combine the Japanese technique of grilling skewers with the most addictive Szechuan spice, sets CHIKIN apart from other Yakitori joints. As its name “CHIKIN” suggests, its Szechuan Yakitori menu carries 13parts of the chicken including: thigh, wing, heart, gizzard, tail, windpipe,skin, and cartilage,withother Kushiyaki (meat and vegetable)options. Affordably priced from $3 per skewer, diners are spoilt for choice with options. Available in original Szechuan or Less Spicy renditions, diners looking for a varied taste can opt for the Yakitori Platter for 10 skewers or 15 skewers at $30 and $40 respectively. CHIKIN’s menu also boasts a variety of Izakaya style dishes to complete the dining experience. Among these are spicy variations of Japanese “tidbits” & comforting Japanese favourites.


CHIKIN is proud of its infused cocktails, crafted by award-winning bartender Sam Wong. Sake, Whisky, Gin, & other spirits are infused with fresh ingredients over three to four days to achieve the optimum flavour for each cocktail. Each infusion is completed with garnishes & treatments to enhance the balance of flavours before serving. CHIKIN boastsa bevy of up to 20 different cocktails(all at $19 each and $15 each during Happy Hour), with a majority of 15 being cocktail infusions.

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