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What went wrong at Café Fest Singapore

It could have been an amazing weekend for the cafe lovers in Singapore, having to rejoice over the much-anticipated Cafe Fest Singapore that was conceptualized a few months back. The festival first came into light after the booming culture of cafe-hopping in Singapore. The festival boasted 12 cafes to be in a single location – which is (or, should be) the key selling point of the festival. It gives the easy access to venture and try out specialties of 12 different cafes all in the same location. The venue – Waterfront Promenade at Marina Bay, also gives a beautiful backdrop of our city, a concrete jungle with a lovely culture to offer.

Photo 7-9-14 10 48 38 pm
Photo 7-9-14 10 48 13 pm

1) Promises made



banana boat
banana boat 1

2) Price differentiation



3) Miscommunication and misrepresentation



Photo 7-9-14 10 48 20 pm

Photos: Facebook Instagram #cafefestsg

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

#cafefestsg #cafes #singapore

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