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Surviving Hope

Surviving Hope is an original theatre play inspired by real stories exploring notions of hope and mental wellness. The Playwright, Ivan Lim, uses his personal experiences and theatrical knowhow to juxtapose the elements required to express the deepest and intricate dilemmas faced in broken relationships. Told through the narrations of kids and parents, the story looks into how our childhood could potentially be a perpetual cycle of its own; in reinforcing our fundamental lack as a human being.

Titled 'Surviving Hope', this piece hopes to inject a sense of hope in the ever changing and complicated world we are living in.

Surviving Hope is a theatre piece scripted to shed more light on the current stigma of mental challenges in Singapore. The project seeks to stir deeper conversations and public discourse over those with mental health issues and how it could be important for everyone to see a glimmer of hope in every one of our struggles.

The term 'Surviving Hope' paints a faint optimism in overcoming our greatest fears and struggles and highlights the importance of staying committed till the very end. The play is presented in a covert narrative, through the eyes of children and parents, bringing out the ironies of human behaviours and conflicting mental states.


Surviving Hope was produced by Flux Media 

Staged from 1 - 4 Sept 2022

Gateway Theatre Blackbox

We would like to thank the following sponsors: NRSC, Eudora Beauty and Aesthetic, The Enneagram Academy: Partners - Beam Artistes, Joel Photography, The Gas Station , The Ocean Family of Mary Kay Singapore and National Arts Council

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