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10 Types of Bloggers in Singapore

There are many different kinds of bloggers in Singapore in this day and age, some more well known than others.

But, all bloggers have had their starting points, and all of would have had one of the many personality traits associated with them. Some of these traits stand out more than others, and in time, would become their go-to when writing a post, or attending an event and such.

1. The No Show

One who is always RSVP-ing to events, but never shows up. Their schedule is normally filled with events, and may RSVP to a few at the same time, but even a blogger only has one body, and can only show up to one event at any given point in time. They may also just be busy with their personal things. These bloggers generally have a high readership, and have beautiful writing and coverage, but leave a bad impression on those whom they have ditched.

2. The Superstar

The superstar is the one who was well known by their peers even before they started blogging. The ever charismatic character, who was already well known in their school, or their field, and already had a large following. Through blogging, they have garnered even more followers because of their charisma, and because of it, their ego may sometimes go out of whack. These bloggers will definitely have an extremely high readership, regardless of their content.

3. The “Wah! Superstar!”

These are the ones who will try their utmost to mingle and be recognized by well-known and popular people, in an attempt to associate their name with theirs. These bloggers have a wide-range of readership, some may be low, some may be high, and their blog posts will generally involve some very high-profile people, be it other bloggers, or celebrities and the like.

4. The “Superstar”

These bloggers tend to act like they are well known and popular, although nobody knows who they are. They thrive on the use of buying of likes on Facebook and Instagram to pretend that they are much more popular than they actually are. Their posts on social media may have thousands of likes, but in actuality, there may only be 1 or 2 that aren’t paid for. These bloggers generally have a very low readership, and actually make people wonder, are they even considered bloggers?

5. The Uninvited

Although rare, there are bloggers who show up to events uninvited. They may have heard about it from a friend, or a fellow blogger, and as such, decide to grace the event with their presence, albeit slightly forcibly. These bloggers may or may not have good readership (Bomoh predictions FTW!), but will most probably claim that they are well known to the public.

6. The Goodie Bag Hoarder

The phrase “Typical Singaporean” may come to mind when speaking about these bloggers. They show up to events just for the goodie bags, which they take and leave almost immediately, with no one realizing that they were actually at the event. They generally arrive at the event extremely late, sometimes only when the event is about to end. Their blog posts tend to never have any details of the event itself, and may just be a direct copy of the press release itself, with pictures featuring the contents to the goodie bag.

7. The Professional Food Photographer

With the induction of instagram, who isn’t guilty of taking photos of their food? What separates the “Professional” food photographer from the average instagrammer is the manner in which the photos are taken. The “Professional” will often take photos of the food from a massive multiple of angles, constant repositioning of the food, and sometimes even taking the plate off to a far away land to get the perfect backdrop and lighting. These bloggers are often the true foodies, and their blog posts consists of food, food and more food.

8. The Gossiper

Be it another blogger, or just someone they met on the streets, the gossiper will have something to say about them. Always talking behind another’s back, their posts tend to lean towards unwittingly slamming another person.

9. The Sponsored

The title speaks for itself. The sponsored is always looking for new opportunities to have someone sponsor them, in exchange for a blog post. Their blog will generally have dozens upon dozens of product reviews, and some may question their credibility.

10. The Selfie Queen (King)

Last but not least, the master of selfies. Everywhere they go and everything they do, they must take a selfie first. These may by far be the most common trait of bloggers, with their photos having far too many photos of themselves.

So have you linked any of these traits with bloggers you know? Feel free to share more personality traits that you have noticed in bloggers around you.

Writer: Foo Bo Mun

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