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1933 Singapore @ Capitol Piazza

This brand new F&B concept from the BreadTalk Group marries Asian flavours with western influences to offer diners southeast asian cuisine! International, home-grown, award winning F&B brand, The BreadTalk Group, launches its latest F&B concept, 1933, at the newly opened Capitol Piazza. A full-service cafe, 1933 is the only local F&B brand at the classy-looking Capitol Piazza. The 80-seater, two-storey outlet offers an eclectic menu serving a wide range of food and beverages. Diners can look forward to hearty soups served in bread bowls to all-time favourites like Hainanese Kampong Chicken Rice, Grilled Pork Loin, Fish & Chips, or salads and side dishes. For an added experience and taste of the 1930s Magnolia Snack Bar, 1933 boasts a range of milkshakes each served with a generous scoop of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream as well as specialty coffees brewed with Torrefacto coffee beans served in expresso style. There is a good selection of freshly-baked breads and tasty tarts, direct from 1933’s ovens, perfect for those who love a simple yet satisfying high tea after shopping nearby.


There are plenty of signature dishes to choose from that are familiar favourites from 1933’s menu. Great effort is put into achieving a balance of Asian and Western flavours for a unique Southeast Asian regional style to reflect the Nanyang identity of migrants in the 1930s that adapted to Western influences. This new F&B concept underscores the strategic manner in which The BreadTalk Group creates winning F&B niches. A lot of thought and careful planning have gone into offering alternative flavours for similar types of food items, which will serve to satisfy every palette. For a start, salads with the freshest of ingredients, for example, are tossed with either a sweet-sour Asian sauce or light vinaigrette dressing. Choose from the 1933 Greenhouse or the Sawadee Greens prepared with the freshest of greens to accompany any mains. Similar ‘Asian or Western’ options are made available with 1933’s signature Grilled Pork Loin where diners can choose to have the Hainanese sweet-sour sauce, black pepper or a savoury mushroom-based alternative.


Another extension of this concept of alternatives is between the delightful Vietnamese Chicken Rolls or the 1933 Summer Rolls with special in-house green chili sauce concocted from green Thai chili, honey and apple cider. Those who love the traditional, authentic flavour found in the Nanyang Curry Chicken in bread bowl can take home a miniature creation of this of 1933’s signature dish, and that’s the curry chicken in twisted bun from the bread and pastry counter.


Quasi 1930s Design and Décor In line with giving a feel of colonial Singapore, 1933 distinguishes itself with an ambience put together by design components reminiscence of 1930s Singapore. First, a quaint glass cabinet counter set within a well-aged wooden frame counter greets all customers. The bright dashes of colours from 1993’s special range of tarts displayed there nicely juxtapose against a blue, Peranakan-motif tiled bar counter were drinks and 1933 specialty coffee are prepared. Table settings with rattan chairs on the courtyard (level 1) provides for a comfortable and relaxing, homely feeling which contrasts with the tungstenlike luminosity from the level 2 glass-facade dining area that’s a romantic throwback to yesteryears.

The 1933 team shared that, “We believe with 1933 we are creating something new to bring to the table for our diners. So in coming up with the design concept, we were cognizant of the overall philosophy to present this unique café with themes from 1930s Singapore – and, more importantly, a balance of Asian and Western influences that reflects the growing Southeast Asian regionalism in the 1930s must be achieved. We try our utmost to look into how to do this, even down to the choice of plating and serving cutlery which we sourced from all over Southeast Asia. Diners can be assured of a complete dining experience” As part of its official launch, 1933 has put together an Executive Set Lunch comprising the choice of one main food item and one beverage (at $19.33++)*, as well as an interesting line up of promotions.

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