5 EASY Hobbies to start right now!

  • Vlogging

Do you like being in front of the camera? Start vlogging! Document your days, weeks and years vie video. Vlogging isn't just uploading it on YouTube for everyone to see (although if you do that you can get ad revenue and earn money) but you can also just vlog for your friends and family to update each other's life!

A lot of Gen Z have started doing this - where they will just vlog for their friend or family because they are too shy to showcase their lives to the world but also you'd be surprise of how many people would be interested on watching other people live their ordinary lives.

Of course there are no tutorial on how to live your daily life but here's a video we recommend for you to watch in case you ever need a step up on how to do it!

  • Air dry clay

Do you wanna start pottery but you do not know if you wanna commit to those expensive pottery classes - that will probably take you a few sessions to full make a bowl. Well air dry clay is an alternative solution!

photo credits: maria louise design

Air dry clay is like pottery but without the machine. You make your shapes or objects by hands and then you let them dry for two days and then TADAH! You have a new plate or cups or whatever you decide on doing! You need to paint it over an sealant first of course!

Here's a tutorial we recommend for you to watch if you want to get started on making air dry clay!

  • Flower Arranging

We all love flowers but gardening takes time and space. How about take up flowering arranging? This way you can beautify your home as well as be around flowers! Its like garnering but less commitment and effort.

Photo Credits: thegirl.co

This is such easy hobby to start because some of the supplies like scissors and ribbons are probably just laying around your house. And then the flowers! Where you can usually get flowers on your local supermarket. How convenient is that!

Here's a tutorial we recommend for you to watch if you want to start this hobby!

  • Scrapbooking

A fun way to remember memories before Facebook Albums and Instagram Highlights! Print out the pictures that you've had on your phone for years. This will probably also help you clear your storage as well and also as take yourself a trip to a memory lane!

No matter how much technology evolves, it is still important to have physical copies of our memories. Internet clouds, Instagram and Facebook accounts can be deleted and hacked in just one click. All your memories are gone!

So why not print out your memories! Color them! Put designs at each pages, comments and stickers!

Here a tutorial we recommend to start on your new hobby!

  • Crocheting

And no Crocheting isn't for Grandmas. You'd be surprised on how actually calming it is. You can do a lot with it like cute bags, hats, scarves or blankets.

Here's a tutorial we recommend you to watch!

Let us know which of these actives are you willing to try!

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