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5 Halloween costume ideas you can explore

31 October is here this year, and it is time for another round of festive dressing up. Halloween is no longer about dressing up as the scariest character from a horror film anymore. The trend is moving towards pop culture and identifiable artistes and figures. What are some of the Halloween costume ideas that you can explore for 2014? We give you some 5 ideas to spice up your Halloween at the end of the month.

1) Game of Thrones

If you love this fantasy drama, then dressing up as your favourite Game of Thrones character will be the thing for you. Looking the part is actually hard, you will need to source for these medieval costumes. Pick up some of their antics will help as well!

2) Nicki Minaj

“My anaconda DON’T,” is probably the most used phrase in pop culture right now. With a successful music video and a lewd of memes that ensues, this costume will be instantly recognizable by many. It may be a challenge when it comes to clearing your bowels though.

3) Kim Kardashian game characters

Kim Kardashian game is the top earning game on iPhone as of now. If you want to look fabulous while playing a part, try dressing like those classic characters (ie: Willow Pape), or hold up the classic conversation bubble. Who knows, you might actually get a real date!

4) Sia’s Chandelier

No doubt, Sia’s music video for Chandelier is beyond stunning. But the dance moves becomes a hit for spoofs and even Jimmy Kimmel picked up the dance moves and the hilarious result can be viewed here. Wearing a leotard and a wig is probably the easiest get-up, but you need to possess the attitude and the zest.

5) Emojis

Most people use Whatsapp or LINE these days, and it is not difficult to pick one of your favourite emoji (I’m sure you have a favourite) and dress the part. HelloGiggles has posted an extremely cute guide on dressing as some Whatsapp emojis.

Halloween is no longer about dressing as the scariest figure, but one is unexpected and funny. We hope you have a smashing week to Halloween in creative costumes!

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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