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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch X-Men: Days of Future Past

1. The X-Men cast is in Singapore!

They had their premiere in Singapore recently on May 14th and you catch them in action in various parts of Singapore. Hugh Jackman, for one, has taken photographs of himself at Ya Kun and even at a swimming pool at Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

The cast which include Hugh Jackman, Fan Bing Bing and Peter Dinklage posing for the cameras at their premiere at Orchard Road on May 14th.

2. Because Hugh Jackman is starring as Wolverine.

C’mon now admit it, how many of you are his fans? He really packs a punch and he is really fit. If you doubt it, you can check out his work outs. Of course, that is not the only reason why people like him, he is also suave and can sing really well as you have observed in Les Misérables.   


He looks really hot even when he isn’t revealing his abs.

3. They don’t just do gymnastics or have super huge muscles!

They can fly, shoot lightning bolts, run at super speed, turn all metallic and many more. So diverse are their powers that you will just watch in awe and envy as they engage their enemies and you attempt to identify every one of them.

Lucas Till is the plasma-blasting Havok in X-Men: Days of Future

Fan Bingbing joins the X-Men: Days of Future Past cast as the teleporter Blink

4. It’s all about teamwork!

One man doesn’t decide what happens. They work together as a team and in this movie, they are all united against a common enemy. Watching people unite as a group to fight for a common goal, I am sure you will find it touching.

Different mutants from both Professor Xavier and Magneto’s team

5. If you like X-Men and X-Men First Class, this movie bridges characters from both movies.

This movie introduces new mutants and re-introduces old characters in new skins. Some characters which are usually shown in different skins are Mystique and Beast and the way they look and are depicted are always fascinating.

Nicholas Hoult acting as Beast

What are you waiting for? X-Men Days of Future Past will be screened in cinemas on 23rd May!

Writer: Samuel Low

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