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ATLAS Introduces New Dining Menu Items

Executive Chef Daniele Sperindio of ATLAS has introduced five new items to the venue’s dining menu. Inspired by the grand, yet approachable space at ATLAS, the innovative new dishes reflect a tribute to the art deco era of Parkview Square.

The carefully curated menu additions offer guests an opportunity to sample a tantalising selection of eclectic flavours. Items currently on the menu include those from the hot and cold selection, mains, desserts and specials, and are perfect for sharing, late night nibbles or a meal with family or friends.

Chef Daniele’s refined style in plating is rustic, yet sharp and is apparent in the presentation of not only the new items, but throughout the entire dining menu. It is clear that true passion and thought has been applied to all dishes. Throughout his childhood in Italy, Daniele was heavily influenced by the arts. His father, a painter, often played the guitar, which Daniele says was a key factor that lead him to being creative and visual.

“A rustic, but clean looking plate with a combination of colours is very important to me,” says Executive Chef Daniele Sperindio. “You need to be able to look at the plate and feel like the presentation has really been taken care of. Just like a piece of art, I want people to be moved,” he adds.

The ATLAS dining menu is available during lunch hours, 11.30am – 3.00pm, Monday to Friday and for dinner 5.00pm to 10.00pm Monday through until Saturday. A reduced version of the menu, which includes the hot and cold selections, as the Late Night dining menu, is available Monday to Thursday from 10.00pm to 12.30am and 10.00pm to 1.00am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Recent additions to the ATLAS dining menu include:

HOT Snacks

The burnt edges of the margherita, olive tapenade, basil features a base made of puffed pasta cracker topped with mascarpone cheese, oven roasted Perini tomatoes, olives tapenade, fresh basil leaves and oregano. Lovers of pizza baked traditionally in a wood-fired oven would be familiar with the distinct charred flavour of the slightly burnt spots on the edge of pizzas, which is replicated in this dish by using a blowtorch to burn the pasta cracker. Showcasing classic flavours found on a pizza, this dish is perfect for sharing.

The Crispy prawn heads, cod skin, cucumber relish and sawagani crab is a perfect example of Chef Daniele’s artistic flair with food. Featuring a fun scene from the bottom of the sea the dish comprises of deep fried Obsi blue prawn heads from New Caledonia, deepfried freshwater Sawagani crabs from Japan, cucumber and capsicum relish and tepura of soft shell crab served with lime mayo and cod skins. All the items are strategically placed to create a fun visual on the plate.


The Saucisson black pig ravioli, sweet chestnuts, veal consommé, marjoram showcases saucisson, a much-loved cured salami from France. The saucisson is stuffed alongside cheese and chicken liver, making a creamy and savory mouthful. One side of the ravioli is seared “Gyoza” style and served with toasted almond pieces, cubes of aged goat cheese, fresh marjoram and veal consommé.

The Mayura wagyu beef knuckle steak, friggitelli peppers, glazed borretane onions uses the knuckle cut, the primal cut at the hip of the beef. A versatile cut, the lean meat is pan seared, and served with roasted seasonal vegetables, ratte potatoes from France, oven roasted Perini tomatoes from Italy, and borretane onions glazed in balsamic vinegar. For a kick of spicy crunch, flash fried fritggitelli peppers, a side dish well loved by Italians, accompany the dish.

The White pekin duckbreast, green lentils, homemade ricotta, pedro ximenez and black currant sauce showcases the moist and juicy breast of the White pekin duck beautifully, A breed of duck from the United States, White pekin duck farmers focus mainly on the juicy quality of the breast meat, instead of the liver. The meat is pan seared and served dark pink together with stewed green lentils, rounded steamed beetroots, Chioggia beetroot discs picked in raspberry vinegar, barley tulle filled with homemade ricotta and cacao nibs. The dish is finished with a drizzling of a reduction of duck jus, pedro ximenez sweet sherry, and black currant.

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