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(Commentary) 3 Reasons why you should be studying outside

Exam period is here yet again. October and November is the busiest of all months for students – having to deal with the stress from final year examinations before their December break. Unless you have really strong willpower to actually sit down and study productively, studying is always a chore for all. To concentrate better, I believe in studying outside and here’s why:

1) Free from distractions


There are just so many distractions at home. Your video-games, computer, refrigerator and your bed. There is at least a kryptonite-equivalent in the comfort of your home. Studying outside allows you to distance yourself from these distractions. I am the kind of student who will crawl into my bed when I get tired of studying after 30 minutes. Studying at a cafe or bistro will not put me in that situation.

2) Social pressure to actually study


To some, studying outside is already a form of distraction itself, having to deal with the mass of people hovering around and about. We all have something to prove to others and studying out allows you to unleash that tiny form of ego to good use. More than being distracted, you want to appear smart and studious when you are being seen by others. I personally believe that this psychological effect actually heightens when you see someone cute.

3) Stronger motivation to study


Taking the extra effort to study out will mean that you want to have a productive experience – and this helps you to keep your agendas of the day in check. Heading out requires you to bring the necessary materials and this is a time where you set short-term academic goals.

It is not to say that studying out is all good and fluffy. You have to deal with the fear of getting chased out during the peak hours. Studying out can sometimes be more of a distraction than motivation. While it all boils down to actual discipline, why not try studying out for a change (during the non-peak hours) and see if this study method suits your personality?

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng

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