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Divers From Philippines: Hero to Zero?

Filipino divers amounted a score of ZERO at the Aquatics Diving 3m Men finals, where they demonstrated their loops and ended flat on their backs very unglamorously. It has been the highlight of the night as critics’ slammed the divers for competing even though they are obviously not ready.

There have been rumours going around as well, saying that they only trained for 4 days? We cannot be too sure. However, I believe we should still applaud their efforts for competing and braving the crowd’s critics even though they were inexperienced.

Check out their dives: 36:08 and 41:10

Both divers seem to have landed into the water similarly in the same posture. Perhaps that was what they are aiming for!

Singapore is doing well and leading in the medal count! Good job to all our athletes!! Let’s take a took at the current medal count as of 11 June 7am.

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