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Homegrown F&B brand ATTAP HOUSE aims to bring nostalgia to its customers

Assam Fish
Cashew Fried Rice
Mee Goreng2
Pork Chop Sambal Fried Rice
Satay Kantang
Satay Mee Hoon

Local homegrown brand ATTAP HOUSE hopes to bring back the nostalgia and memories of the 70s and 80s by presenting a unique dining experience set in an attap house ambience and environment.

Opened in July 2015, ATTAP HOUSE is located at #01-04 Fusionopolis Galaxis, 1 Fusionopolis Pl, Singapore 138522. The 80-seater with both indoor and outdoor seating area, offers an eclectic menu serving a wide range of Asian inspired food and beverages.

Diners can look forward to signature dishes like Satay Mee Hoon, Braised Hokkien Noodle, Pork Chop Sambal Fried Rice, Cashew Fried Rice with Fresh-Chicken-Breast, and the list goes on. For an added experience and taste of the sides and desserts, ATTAP HOUSE boasts a range of side dishes like Assam Fish, Otah Otah, Sambal Kang Kong and even Tahu Goreng. For tea break, snacks and breakfast, they have their home-made Otah toast, freshly-made peanut butter and nonya kaya toast. Their peanut butter jam are made in-house with an added sweetness of cashew in it. Their nonya kaya have a stronger caramelize sugar taste to give that extra punch in their kaya not found anywhere else.

Flavours of Nonya and Asian Flavours

There are plenty of signature dishes to choose from that are familiar favourites from ATTAP HOUSE menu. From a start, a lot of thought has gone into offering alternative flavours for similar types of food items, which will serve to satisfy every palette. Great effort is put into achieving a balance of Asian and Nonya flavours in its offering of local cuisine as this underscores the strategic manner in which the company creates winning F&B niches.

Overseeing the preparation and cooking of the food and ingredients so each dish is as authentic as possible, is Executive Chef Mr Marco Ong who has 16 years of international experience under his belt.

ATTAP HOUSE Design and Décor

In line with giving a feel of a typical ATTAP HOUSE, the company distinguishes itself with an ambience put together by design components reminiscence of the 70s and 80s. The dashes of colors from ATTAP HOUSE are nicely juxtaposed against a brown setting. Then, table settings with rattan chairs provides a comfortable, homecoming feeling which contrasts with tungsten-bulb luminosity emitting a romantic throwback to yesteryears. Representing the team which put this nostalgic look and feel together, is Mr Edmund Koh who shared, “We believe with ATTAP HOUSE we are creating something new to bring to the table for our diners. So in coming up with the design concept, we were cognizant of the overall philosophy to present this unique café with themes from yesteryears– and, more importantly, a balance of Asian and local influences must be achieved. We try our utmost to look into how to do this, even down to the choice of plating and serving cutlery which we sourced and the concept, design and menu took 6 months of continuous development. Diners can be assured of a complete dining experience”

As part of its aim to make its dishes more accessible, ATTAP HOUSE has implemented a Delivery service where customers could call 90522669 to make an order. Call service is between 9am to 11am, 2pm to 7pm only. Delivery is free if the order is above $30.

Customers who are interested to know more about this brand could access

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