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June finds her niche through self-deprecating humor and honesty

An Earl-Grey tea addict, insufferable beauty and fashion junkie who hopes to change the world.

Meet June, a digital marketing consultant by day, and by night she turns into an passionate writer behind her lifestyle blog. She is known for serving up stories that carry her unique sense of deprecating humor and honesty. has gone on to clinch notable accolades such as Singapore Blog Awards 2014- Best Beauty Blog Finalist and The ION Insider finalist, as well as being a Blackbox Singapore Editor and Ambassador.

TIM team spoke to her and asked her about her life and dreams.


1. Tell us more about yourself.

Hi, I’m June from! I’m quite the small package but I do pack a loud punch! By day, I am a marketeer who is perpetually attached to her computer with the perfect lip color, but by night I am a passionate writer who just loves documenting the things that I hold close to heart.

2. What are some key focus in your blog?

I’m more known for my fashion and beauty content, because I believe in putting your best self forward each day.

I also cover delicious food reviews occasionally, and am looking to be more involved in the local arts and causes. I believe that with great power comes with great responsibility (totally quoting Spiderman hehe), and if we as bloggers have the power of public attention, it can be life-changing.

3. Why should people visit your blog?

Because I’m a fun read, I don’t take myself too seriously and I write with a trademark humorous, self-deprecating voice. I’m not your usual demure blogger girl who looks perfect 24/7 and I usually say things like they are without sugar-coating. Since I’m a typical Gemini with multitude of likes, you can expect something different each time!

4. Can you name one blogger whom you look up to and why?

There’s quite a few but I would have to say Jerlene from Her dedication and commitment in makeup and skincare is impressive; she can literally read the back of a bottle and tell you exactly which item does what function etc. You carry away some knowledge from reading her, and I endeavor to be a point of reference to my readers like how she is to me.

5. If you have one day to live, what would you do?

I’d start the day off by doing the things that I wanted to do but am scared of; like skydiving; then I would have the bestest cookout and have everyone I know and love eat and be merry together.

6. Fame, Power or Fortune, if you could pick one.

POWER, so I can finally make a significant difference to improve our world like feeding the last fortunate and finding a cure for diseases.

7. What are your plans in the next 5 years?

Hahah hopefully; get married to the love of my life and start a small family of my own in a house that I’d love to have hands on in designing. And of course, to continue blogging about all things that I love and matter to me.

8. What do you think of the blogging scene in Singapore?

Can I be honest? Bloggers in Singapore can be so competitive, but I believe that the market is big enough for all of us to grow together without the cattiness, like those in the overseas.

9. Share with us your most memorable Blogging assignment you had so far.

I had to have my legs waxed for the first time for an advertorial! I was so nervous I had to ask them to stop a few times and my palms were so sweaty I had to have help to shoot the moment. But turns out, I barely hurt because the therapist was experienced and fast 🙂

10. Tell us a little secret about yourself.

I am quite a tomboy at heart: I love gaming and movies of the horror genre; and I can change a set of wheels without breaking my nails.

11. Who do you think will be the ‘IT’ Influencer in 2015?

I personally don’t believe in an IT influencer because I think each of us bloggers bring something new to the plate and we each have our own strengths!

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