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Laugh out Loud with Talking Evilbean

Meet Singapore’s rising Male Food Blogger, Joey Ching How, who was the finalist of Best Individual Blog 2014, organised by SPH Omy.

Joey puts in a lot of effort to engage his readers with a suite of funny and informative blog posts. The Evilbean rating system gives his readers a clear and concise idea of a particular food, movie or product, while at the same time reinforces the “Evilbean” character in him.

The Evilbean prides himself as a blogger who writes his review honestly. Even though it is in the interest of the engaged brands to receive favourable reviews, he believes the core purpose of blogging is to serve his readers.

Joey Ching How, a recently signed TIN Influencer, talks to Dennis Toh, Editor of The Influencer Media, on his aspirations and dreams ahead.


1. Tell us more about yourself.

I am Joey, but I go by the name Evilbean as my blogging persona. Now everyone I know calls me Evilbean.

2. What are some key focus in your blog?

I blog about food, movies, travel and lifestyle stuff.

3. Why should people visit your blog?

I write my blog entries in a funny and entertaining manner so that you will just keep coming back to my blog for more. You can feel the passion, liveliness and lameness in most of my blog posts!

4. Can you name one blogger whom you look up to and why?

Ladyironchef. I aspire to be like him – travelling around the world, eating every world’s delicacies and simply, just enjoying life. #YOLO

5. If you have one day to live, what would you do?

Have a durian buffet, eat all the good food, have a taste of the world’s most expensive wine, and then end off my life with skydiving.. without parachute! #OMG.

6. Fame, Power or Fortune, if you could pick one.

Fortune. Fortune can buy you fame (just throw money off the roof and you will be instantly famous). Power needs to be earned through legit means in order for it to be true power. #LIKEABOSS

7. What are your plans in the next 5 years?

I plan to open my own cafe within the next 5 years.


8. What do you think of the blogging scene in Singapore?

There are a lot of good bloggers out there who blogs with passion but waiting for a breakthrough. I hope the blogging scene picks up in Singapore so that people will start to recognise blogging as a job, rather than something people write as a hobby.

9. Share with us your most memorable Blogging assignment you had so far.

It was the Lipton tea event with George Young. It was held inside a very pretty landed unit (with swimming pool!) and George Young was there to teach us how to make cocktails. It started to rain heavily when the event was about to end, and the organisers held umbrella under the rain for us. I was truly touched by that! #Throwback

10. Tell us a little secret about yourself.

I……………… wear insoles to make myself look taller. #ROFL

11. Who do you think will be the ‘IT’ Influencer in 2015?

Everyone in #TIN because we are gonna be AWESOME! #FTW


Instagram: Edited by Editor Dennis Toh

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