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Marvel Reacts to Jurassic World Beating their Opening Box-office Record

If you haven’t heard, Jurassic World beat The Avengers in the U.S. box office opening record!!! Wow, who would’ve thought dinosaurs can pull in so many more eyeballs than the famous superheroes? Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic Park sequel grossed $208,806,270 in the opening weekend, overtaking Joss Whedon’s The Avengers’ $2074 million record from 2012.

(Source: Imgur)

Since then, Marvel has actually published a cartoon image online to congratulate the new ‘box office king’!

jurassic world

(Source: Twitter)

Chris Pratt’s character Owen is riding the dinosaur and looking down at the Avengers. T-Rex is even holding on to Thor’s hammer, who is clearly mystified.

The artwork above was created by Andy Park, the world famous artist from Marvel Studios’ visual development team who has been very very responsible for the awesome look of the Marvel films. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige posted the image on his twitter account. Talk about class.

This is a call back to an earlier time when filmmakers would publicly congratulate their friends’ box office accomplishments in published one-page advertisements. With this ad Feige, a huge Star Wars fan, pays homage to George Lucas, Steven Spielberg (producer of Jurassic World) and James Cameron. The one below is from December 2, 1977 withSteven Spielberg congratulating George Lucas on Star Wars beating Jaws in domestic video rental charts. (Source: Slashfilm)

We’re really glad to see nice and friendly competition amongst the big players in the film and entertainment industry!

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