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Online Shopping in Singapore – How and Why?

When you think about Singapore, there are many things that come to one’s mind; paradise, strong economy, beautiful city, beautiful parks, clean city, infallible public transport and of course, shopping. Lauded as one of the most liveable cities in the world for expats, Singapore retains a powerful economic stronghold over Southeast Asia – acting as a cusp for Asian supply chains. Shopping in Singapore is equivalent to football in the UK – humongous. You just need to step in Singapore and see megamalls on every corner, with either Louis Vuitton or Hugo Boss eyeing you.

Social media has always been a huge hit in Asian countries especially Singapore. Internet users in Singapore view social media websites

3.1 billion times a month. This thus means that social media is huge in Singapore. What that also proves is that Singaporeans are among the largest group of Southeast Asian countries to use mobile technology. How does that relate to online shopping in Singapore? Thousands of Singaporeans use their smartphones to buy products online every day, and as companies try and attract more customers, there is still a lot of them that prefer window shopping. Jane Lee is a regular user of online shopping on her mobile device, “I use it every day to look at things that interest me. There always seem to be shopping apps that crash. I don’t feel safe to buy products on my smartphone as a result.”

But there is also a very interesting question about Singapore’s online shopping growth. While online shopping has boomed in Southeast Asian countries like; Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia – Online shopping in Singapore still hasn’t reached its full potential. The question as to why that’s the case is very simple. Being a tiny island, Singaporeans don’t need to travel far to purchase what they want. Products bought online can be delivered in 2-3 days internationally but why should you wait when you can get anything on the Singaporean island in a matter of minutes? The answer still lies in the fact that online shopping is still cheaper than in many shopping malls. There is also the convenience of shopping from your own home and doing so at any time of the day (24/7). Here is a list of useful and reliable websites that Singaporeans can use to shop online:

This online store has become somewhat of a revolution! It is one of the most popular shopping websites for Singaporeans. The online store focuses on skin care and particularly on the brand Dermologica. The prices are really unbelievable and you’ll have to see it with your own eyes to believe it. It is reported that Sunnanz has the cheapest skin care products in the whole of Singapore and Malaysia. Among their products are also discounted brands like, Skin Food, Etude House and SK-11. This company is run by a local Singaporean couple.

If you haven’t yet heard of Zalora Singapore by now, you are obviously not a regular online shopper. Zalora is like the Aeon of fashion online shopping. Their online store is huge and varied. Their prices are all discounted from retail prices and are thus very affordable. Anything from the big local and international fashion brands to sports equipment, Zalora Singapore has it all. They have a dedicated social media website as well as a simple clean cut design to their website. In addition to Zalora, a good idea to get an even further discount would be to visit iPrice Singapore. They are a free online couponing website that regularly gives out free coupons for online shopping. Store vouchers include Zalora Singapore, Zuji and

Survive Singapore is a great website that helps out people living in hot and temperate climates. This is thus, a great website to shop online for skin products, mosquito repellent, umbrellas, sun care and cosmetics. Most of the products you will find here are 100 % organic and natural. If you are a parent there are also a range of baby products that are 100 % organic and natural. Love designer brands but can’t afford it? How many times have you heard that? Fear not, Singsale comes to the rescue! This is an online store where you’ll have your quota of prized and elegant brands like; Ester Lauder, Versace or Diesel. They’re very affordable compared to the prices in-store so do visit this website!

Chic Stash as the name suggest, is for shoppers who love the chic and elegant. For the ones for prefer David Beckham over Snoop Dog. U.S. expat sisters Denise and Dianne started this Singaporean business and it has been a roaring success ever since! You like vintage clothes? Get it here! You also have the possibility of buy previously owned products. So it actually works similarly to EBay – you can buy new products, old products or worn items. You can also create your own online boutique where you can edit and update your profile, as well as sell your very own clothes.

Well, what could this online store have in stock for us? Perfume of course! Fragrances, perfumes, skincare and make-up brands – this store is full of promise! Get them all for a discounted price. This store also provides products for men, so you could buy your perfumes here! Free delivery is available in Singapore. There’s also a nifty gift shop to visit. What is not to like?

Often the most expensive costs for a family – baby and kids products. Great international brand names and affordable prices, you could be saving yourself a small fortune! Purchase products worth more than $250 and you will get yourself free delivery! There’s also a clearance section where you can get cheap products.

This Hong Kong based website is a revolution in itself. Free shipping worldwide is on the cards here for all product orders. If you’re a fan of beauty products this is the ultimate website that you need to go to! You can enjoy as much as 70% discounts on the most popular international brands. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Shoot them an email and they might be able to get the product that you want. Who said that online shopping didn’t have effective customer service.

The name is as original as its products. It’s literally an open online shopping world. Find absolutely everything and anything you’re looking for! Looking for vintage rings, or an old sofa bed? Or maybe new sheets? They have it all! And if ever they don’t have what you’re looking for you can always send them an email! Score yourself a bargain and buy yourself some great products here!

No introduction is needed for this globalised business. There are thousands and thousands of deals available from dining experiences, to travelling experiences to adventure treks, they have it all! They are great offers here for you so check this website out; it’s worth your time!

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