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[Organic News] Grilled Cheese Rolls made easy by Nurul

Quick Dish by Tablespoon made Grilled Cheese Rolls look so easy to do and so delicious especially when I see the cheese oozing out from that crispy grilled bread and one thing it’s my favourite CHEESE and that makes me want to try making it, the first thing in the morning. Anyway every single day my kids will always eat cheese and bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They really really really REALLY LOVES IT A LOT! So, I must be thinking that my kids will love this too!

WHAT YOU NEED Bread Cheese slices

I always love white bread/milk bread. Not really a fan of wholemeal bread though, but my mom and uncle loves it so much! So what you need is BREAD.

Cut all the four sides. Btw, is any of you also never eat the side of the bread? I always eat my bread without the brown thing because I find that it’s not soft and not nice or “shiok” to eat bread like that. Oh, after you cut all the sides, flatten the bread with a roller pin bread.

Don’t forget the cheese. I will want to try the BBQ Cheese the next time I made this again.

Once you’ve done flatten the bread, place the cheese and roll it, the bread will easily stay in place and bread doesn’t tear off easily.

Now it’s time to let my cheese ooze out.

Heat up the pan and add a bit of oil. Turn over and grilled it till it is crispy golden brown.

It’s my first time making Grilled Cheese Rolls, but it absolutely taste great! Crispy on the outside and thick creamy sticky on the inside. Really man! To me, this taste so much nicer more tastier yummier and it really does fill in my tummy.

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