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Pit your Wits at Escape from The Conspiracy!

It is already the month of May and it is time to think about how to spend your holidays. Feeling bored? Want to pit your wits and try your hand at solving puzzles? Here’s your chance!

Watch this trailer and if it excites you, read on!

Escape from The Conspiracy is the largest edition of the puzzle-solving game series from Vivid Creations and SCRAP, the creator of Real Escape Game in Japan. It is going island wide, that is how huge it is!

With the support of Singapore Tourism Board’s Kickstart Fund, Real Escape Game in Singapore Vol. 9 aims to attract more than 3000 participants over all the weekends in June 2015. Are you excited about it yet? I know I am! Can imagine myself heading from place to place in a group, kind of like an amazing race but it is not about being physically fast but rather mentally fast.


If you haven’t been to previous real escape games held by them, you should know that their puzzles are really solid and by solid I mean they provide  a good challenge to keep you thinking on your feet. Think fast, act fast! Having been to their previous games such as Escape from the Walled City, we can assure you that the puzzles suit the theme to a T. Every puzzle is related to the storyline and what you need to do is to solve the puzzles with all the materials you have.


For Escape from The Conspiracy, it starts at Singapore Art Museum where participants will then move off to different parts of Singapore to play the game. Like all their other outdoor versions, participants can choose to play this game alone or join with their friends to form a group. What is different is that there will be no time limit for this real escape game but names of the fastest escapees will be published on REG’s website and Facebook page.

What’s the theme or the story line for this game?

One night, you received an alert from your HQ. As the top secret agent, you have been assigned to stop a conspiracy group from paralyzing Singapore’s economy on its 50th anniversary. Hide your identity and find out the location of the conspiracy group’s base. Infiltrate the base and stop the conspiracy! Are you ready for the mission?

It has this kind of spy or secret agent kind of feel to it, so what’s not to like? Start telling your friends about it and make your bookings here!

Escape from The Conspiracy Venue: Singapore Art Museum (Briefing Location) Date: Every Saturday and Sunday in June 2015 Time: 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 (Game Briefing) Ticket pricing: Limited Early Bird (Single): $22 | Limited Early Bird (Group of 6): $120 | Standard Online (Single): $27 | Standard Online (Group of 6): $150 | At‐the‐door: $30 |

Writer: Samuel Low

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