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Shanelle Cheng hopes to blog forever

We live in a world where we are constantly shaping and finding our self identity. For the younger people, especially in a stressful city like Singapore, having good academic standings is not enough. Students must showcase their multi-disciplinary talents and records; from outstanding sports achievements, involvement in overseas community trips, to awards from international and local competitions. This is on top of a bell-curve practice which ranks and differentiates students based on their academic results. How cruel is that? How then do you differentiate and prepare yourself to stand out from the crowd?

Well, be a Blogger! Or what we call Influencer of late.

We are indeed spotting a growing trend in Singapore where young Singaporeans are using their blog and social platforms to differentiate themselves. Curating your self-identity is made easy with fanciful blog templates, wide array of social media tools, and easily produced content on a 24/7 basis. Contents like OOTD, selfies, food porn or even ‘Top 5 things…’ could be manufactured readily in today’s context. Record your three minute Youtube Video, edit it with iMovie and your video is ready to go viral if the content sits well with netizens. If you are lucky, you could be the next Youtube star or even get signed on by Mediacorp, Fly Entertainment, Beam Artiste, or Left Profile, etc.

It’s a game with bountless possibilities if you do it well from the start.

Shanelle Cheng, a signed on TIN Influencer, is one of the many female undergraduates in Singapore, who realises the need to differentiate herself from an early age. She started blogging when she was in secondary school and kept it as an online diary for herself. In fact, one of her strengths, as she explained, is her quick turnaround time in her blog reviews, and her authentic approach towards her feelings and reviews. ‘I am still young and I hope to influence my audience on my thoughts, fashion styles and lifestyle reviews. It’s a long journey and I forsee myself doing this for a very very long time, may till I die’, said Shanelle.  At a young age of 22, this sassy looking girl has her future shining bright on her.

TIM met up with her and ask her a few questions. Read on.






Tell us more about yourself.

Err… Haha!I am twenty something living in a Sunny island, “shan”-shine is my middle name and I love Hello Kitty.

What are some key focus in your blog?

To be honest, I blog about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Basically, it’s just my life. I find it interesting to look back at how much I have grown by reading what I blogged in the past. In recent years, I really like blogging about food (especially with the trend of cafe-hopping) and travel. I personally love makeup (beauty) and fashion as well, but I hardly blog about it. So now, I’m opening up my options to blogging more about what I love doing! 🙂

Why should people visit your blog? 

I value honesty and loyalty. I think these values are important to repay the support of my readers/ friends. To build my credibility and earn the trust of the people who believe in me, I pledge my utmost honesty in sharing my reviews about the products or services I experience. And of course, the trending topics/ fashion/ beauty/ food, you can catch me on my blog! 

Can you name one blogger whom you look up to and why? 

I love Bong Qiu Qiu for her straightforward and honest stories on her blog. I have met her personally, despite her fame, she doesn’t put up airs and is really friendly “girl-next-door”. I look up to such bloggers 🙂

If you have one day to live, what would you do? 

I will eat all the food I can (since I don’t have to diet anymore) with the people I love and tell them how much I love them, how important they are to me, and maybe write one last blog post…? Hehehe!

Fame, Power or Fortune, if you could pick one.

Power. To be an influencer, I think Power is the key to influence. With Fortune or Fame, without Power, you are still not “powerful” to influence. Fame is of course still important, with Power, the more Fame you have, the more people you can influence. Fortune comes naturally when you have the Power and Fame 🙂

What are your plans in the next 5 years?

I hope I can gain more Power (subsequently, Fame and Fortune) in the blogging industry by learning, participating and experiencing more with TIN. I was joking with TIN Boss (Dennis) and TIN friends (Gerald Png, William Tan and Wendy Toh) that one of my goals in life is – “I will blog until I die”, hahaha! 

(NOTE: The TIM TEAM actually feels that Shanelle is dead serious about blogging till she dies)

Check out her details:

Shanelle’s official Blog:

Blog Focus:

Lifestyle, Food, Beauty, Travel

Shanelle Cheng’s Instagram 

Edited by Dennis Toh 

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