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Top 4 Local Celebrity Offsprings to watch in 2014

Top 4 Local Celebrity Offsprings to watch in 2014

Celebrity offsprings have always been the centre of media scrutiny and are often compared with their parents. Kids of celebrities are often compelled to join the entertainment and media scene as they grow older and become exposed in the public eye.

The Influencer Media team looks at four celebrity Offsprings to watch in the year 2014.

Eleanor Lee 


Undoubtly a young lady with star quality, Eleanor Lee, 15 is the daughter of popular host Quan Yi Feng. Best known as Hairstylist’s Eddie Lee’s God Daughter, she has recently changed her surname to ‘Lee’ instead of ‘Yu. The change of name was to show her gratitude towards Eddie for raising her so well, she explained in a recent media interview. Eleanor has also agreed to model for Eddie Lee’s latest hair products. Blessed with strikingly Korean-like good looks, Eleanor will definitely be the new princess to watch in the years to come.

One thing we are sure, she has quite a strong following on Instagram.

Star Quality: 4.5/5

Chen Yi Xi


Son of popular celebrities Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun, Chen Yi Xi, 23, who lives around Siglap area, is definitely the goody lad to watch in 2014. Yi Xi, who is currently studying at NTU, School of Art, Design & Media (ADM), professes that he is a loner and has no interest in acting like his parents. He has however not ruled out venturing into possible fields like script writing or directing in the near future. In order to hone his editorial skills, he has taken up a position as a writer with Hey Online Magazine, a student run publication of NTU. We believe he has the making of an ‘A’ list mediacorp artiste, the likes of Shane Pow, Desmond Tan or Elvin Ng, if he decides to follow the path of his parents.

Check out his writing pieces:

Star Quality: 4/5

Chantalle Ng


Chantelle Ng is best known for her debut performances on 96 degree Café acting along popular artistes like Julie Tan and Desmond Tan.  Daughter of award winning artiste Lin Mei Jiao, Chantalle strikes off as someone who is genuine and down to earth. Big eyed and blessed with a cute face,  Chantalle might be on her path to becoming the next versatile actress like ‘Ai Yo Yo, Chen Liping’.

Star Quality: 3.5/5

Chantalle shares her views about acting on XInMSN

Tay Ying


Daughter of celebrity couple Zheng Ge Ping and Hong Huifang, Tay Ying, 19 is a currently a student in Temasek Polytechnic pursuing a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Tay Ying has in the past, been mistaken as her Dad’s mistress, an issue which Ge Ping took length to explain himself to the media.

In previous media interviews, Tay Ying has expressed no interest in acting and also venturing into the show business. However, she has called herself a blogger and had written many decent blog entries. Perhaps being a blogger might change her perception about the entertainment scene and might help build inroads into the game of fame for her. She is definitely a face to watch in the near future. Don’t you think she reminds you of Taiwanese media darling Gi Gi Leung?  Check out her blog:

Star Quality: 4.5/5

Writer: Dennis Toh

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