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Top 5 Hottest Dads in Singapore

Fathers’ Day falls on 15 June 2014 this year. Always the quiet but powerful man, dads are the most feared in the household. As the man and the stereotypical nature goes, daddies (such as mine) are bad at expressing their love. Just as they secretly show their love for us, we do too. We published a Top 5 Hottest Mums In Singapore for Mothers’ Day in May, and for June, it is no surprise that we have also come up with the list for Fathers’ Day!

5) Edmund Chen

At 53, Edmund Chen sure doesn’t look his age. Either blessed with ageless skin or he has been taking serious care, this daddy of 2 still looks as charming as he was 20 years ago.

4) Adrian Pang

Mesmerizing with his own brand of humor and confidence, Adrian Pang comes 4th on our list. The father of 2 sons is known for his comedic roles on television and the recent stand-up comedy, Happily Ever Laughter.

3) Zheng GePing

Fitness extraordinaire, even at 50 years old, Zheng GePing still keeps that body strong and fit. With a humble and relatable personality (such as dedicating an Instagram post for his wife) he is full of charisma.

2) Baey Yam Keng

As an MP representing Tampines GRC under PAP, Mr Baey is specifically responsible for Tampines North. Interactive on his social networks and notably his selfie game on Instagram, he even started the hashtag #BYKlookalikes to acknowledge others who look like him!

1) Allan Wu

Undisputed hottest dad, the father of 2 still maintains a body that most men would yearn for. Seeing photos of him interacting with his children (on Instagram) give us a warm feeling… in our hearts!

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