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5 Coolest Jobs For Millennials

In modern workplace, millennials make up the largest generation. If you're a millennial, you're probably seeking for employment that allow you to work with your peers while still providing you with a good salary.

As a millennial, you have a variety of job options to choose from. Certain jobs in the workforce are more suited to your generation's talents and interests. The more you learn about the top jobs for millennials, the easier it will be to focus your search on areas where you can thrive.

In this article, We go through the ideal talents to have for a millennial job, as well as the top 5 jobs for your generation.

1. Financial Analyst

Financial analyst work for external or internal clients and provide Advise businesses and individuals on their investment decisions by analyzing the performance of stocks, bonds and other investment securities.

Average Salary: $74,446 per year

Job Growth: 11%

Percent of Millennial Workers: 41%

2. Web Developer

The development of the World Wide Web is handled by web developers. They construct user interfaces with efficient code, utilizing their software development expertise. Data from other databases and back-end services are also incorporated by web developers. Further, These developers create, update, and redesign websites to fulfill the needs of users.

Average Salary: $78,079 per year

Job Growth: 13%

Percent of Millennial Workers: 37.6%

3. Statistician

Statisticians evaluate data and draw conclusions using their mathematical knowledge. They also analyse the data, identify trends, and disseminate important information to stakeholders. Statistician work in a number of different fields or sectors, for example agriculture and business.

Average Salary: $98,805

Job Growth: 33%

Percent of Millennial Workers: 44.6%

4. Physician Assistants

Physician assistants work in the healthcare area and apply their general medical expertise. They undertake a variety of tasks at medical offices, including patient examinations, aiding with procedures, prescribing medications, and ordering testing.

Average Salary: $105,488

Job Growth: 37%

Percent of Millennial Workers: 38%

5. Bartender

In a bar or a licensed establishment, bartenders mix and serve beverages to customers. They also keep track of the store's inventory and supplies, communicate with customers, accept orders, and assess their needs.

Average Salary: $24,000

Job Growth: 2%

Percent of Millennial Workers: 41.9%


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