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5 Indonesian Influencers To Follow

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

As our neighbors in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world. With the increasing number of internet users, creating the emergence of big influencers in today’s digital era. Various kinds of influencers in Indonesia such as Beauty, Entertainment, Music, Journalism, and others.

Because there are so many influencers in Indonesia. In this article, it will be given 5 Indonesian influencers that must be followed.

1. Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina

Followers: 59.4 million

Instagram: raffinagita1717

Topics: Business, Travel, Entertainment, Fashion, and Food

Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina are a celebrity couple who own an entertainment company, Rans Entertainment Production House. They can be said to be the no.1 influencer in Indonesia because they have the most followers on social media and highest income in Indonesia.

These two couples are known as the Sultans of Andara, where they like to show off their luxury life such as showing luxury cars, luxury bags, etc.

Apart from being influencers, they also have various business that spread across Indonesia. Recently, they created a football club in Indonesia (RANS Cilegon F.C.) that plays in the Indonesian pro league and just now they were also entered Into Forbes Indonesia with the nickname “The Sultans of Content”.

2. Najwa Shihab

Followers: 21.1 million

Instagram: najwashihab

Topic: Journalists

Najwa Shihab is a talk show host on a TV station discussing Indonesian politics. She began to be known by Indonesian by the program that she brought. Further, she has received many prestigious awards. One of her prestigious awards is Runner-up/ Highly Commended in the Best Current Affairs Presenter Category at the Asian Television Awards in 2007, 2009, and 2011.

Likewise, she is also well-known for her inspirational poetry and describes how politics in Indonesia through her poems.

3. Deddy Corbuzier

Followers: 10.7 million

Instagram: mastercorbuzier

Topic: Entertainment

Deddy Corbuzier used to be known as a magician who appeared in many TV shows. After he decided to retire form the world of magic, He had a talk show program on television that had inspirational content.

Now, Deddy Corbuzier is famous for his podcast on his YouTube channel. It can be said that his podcast is the biggest in Indonesia. Further, he is the most paid YouTuber in Indonesia. With the total subscribers (17.6 million).

4. Titan Tyra

Followers: 689 k

Instagram: titantyra

Topic: Beauty and Fashion

Titan Tyra is an influencer that is being talked in Indonesia, especially, women. She has gained popularity in makeup tutorials, fashion, beauty hauls, and personal vlogs.

Besides of being a beauty influencer, Titan Tyra is also the co-founder of Secondate Beauty, a local beauty brand driven by the belief that your own beauty is part of the story you write for yourself. Moreover, she also the co-founder of Tori-YO, a modern Japanese yakitori restaurant that have branches in Surabaya and Jakarta.

5. Natasha Wilona

Followers: 37 million

Instagram: natashawilona12

Topic: Entertainment, Music, and Travel

Natasha Wilona is a famous Soap Opera Actress, who was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is acted in television shows and commercials. Additionally, she is a singer, model, and social media phenomenon as well. Natasha Wilona has a YouTube channel called “Natasha Wilona” with a total subscriber of 6.02 million. On her YouTube channel, she talks about her daily activities, travelling, and how she lives as an artist.

Writer: Steven Alexander


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