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5 Instagram Influencers to follow right now!

Depending on your interest here are some of Singapore’s rising social media influencers. From Instagram, Facebook and TikTok! Below are some of the best people that can keep you entertained!

  • Nic Kaufman

Nic Kaufman is a 21-year-old Singaporean who started his career on Instagram in 2017. Kaufman then started making ‘P.O.V’s, comedy and lip syncing videos on TikTok. This is where he gained most of his followers from.

Kaufman has now 14 million followers on TikTok, 1.7 million on Instagram and has been invited to some of the most well-known events around the world like Paris Fashion week. He also has been invited to some of the most well-known brands in the world like Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and FENDI.

(Nic Kaufman with Madelyn Celine from the netflix show Outerbanks)

Nic Kaufman is still very active on TikTok but has now also moved to the new Instagram feature, REELS!

All these because he started his Instagram account in 2017.

  • India Rose

London based, India Rose is an Instagram influencer who is famous for her very unique and creative eyeliner looks! India started posting her looks in April of 2020 and has then gained over 48 thousands followers on Instagram.

India does Instagram reels where she posts the process of creating these looks!

  • Julia or julia.not.child

Is an Instagram food blogger from the United States that makes Instagram food content. She makes home cooked meals from healthy and no-so-healthy food, to Mexican, Korean and Filipino food.

She also preaches about food waste and supporting your local food businesses.

Julia has over 2 thousands Instagram followers since she started posting in April of 2020.

Julia has also hopped into the Livestreaming on Instagram trend as well as REELS, and also a new Instagram feature where you can post Blog-like content.

Check out Julia now for your next Instagramable meal!

  • Kanoa Greene

Kanao is an adventure trainer who has built her career of fitness, hiking and yoga.

Her vulnerability and confidence made a deep connection with her followers who have then looked up to her as a fitness inspiration.

Kanao has then attracted many brands like Nike and Victoria’s Secret.

Check out Kanoa’s Instagram to get inspired!

  • Ben Hess

Ben Hess or benhessfilms on Instagram with over 43K followers on Instagram is a Cinematographer who specializes in action scenes, music videos and more.

He utilizes the new Instagram feature IGTV, which allows him to upload long-length videos where he shows techniques and behind-the-scenes actions of projects that he is currently working on.

Ben has partnered with famous brand Lumix and Singer Jack Harlow.

Check out Ben Hess and his latest projects here:

Let us know which of these influencers are you willing to check out!


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