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5 Sim Lim Square Horror Stories

Sim Lim Square is perhaps the most well-known shopping mall in Singapore when it comes to electronic gadgets. Offering a wide variety of products and specialized services, the name and thought of Sim Lim Square comes to mind. It is perhaps one of the more iconic shopping mall in Singapore with a specialty. Of course, this does not come without any costs. Sim Lim Square has a bad reputation and it is still going strong. We have compiled some enduring horror stories from Sim Lim Square from various websites (names used are pseudonyms).

1) No backing out

2) Outright overcharging

3) Money for beer

4) Foreigner knelt down for refund

5) 18 kg of coins as refund

Sim Lim Square is part of the Singapore Tourism “attraction” for the variety in terms of electronic gadgets and services. In defence, there are also stories on the internet of some praises by tourists, talking about the charms of the mall. The 2 recent cases involving foreigners on Sim Lim Square is going to hurt its reputation as well as the nation’s. With so many angry Singaporeans speaking up for the victims and going as far as to boycott the mall, looks like Sim Lim is going to have a tough time clearing its bad name.

Writer: Leong Chee Sheng Stories: Hardwarezone, TripAdvisor, Stomp

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