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6 Types of Women that annoy men

Women, just like men exhibit different personalities and traits. While some women can be extremely lovely to be around, others have problems with their personality, a lot without themselves knowing.

Women who are popular amongst men tend to do some things that are right; not to put down men’s ego at all costs, engaging men with topics related to sports, business and gadgets, showing affection and care when necessary, use more rational thinking than emotions, and more importantly, understand the notion of mutual trust and respect between men and women, to name a few.

Women who are too strong and powerful are often seen as work collaborators or colleagues, and seldom viewed as a potential love interest in the eyes of men. Men put on a mental guard when hanging out with these women.

I don’t know about you, but I get very put off by women who use their power to command people around.

I get very turned off when I see women scolding their Husband openly in the public.

I get disgusted upon hearing nasty female customers who use big words and their unique ‘rationale’ to argue with you. Some even resort to posting their ‘feedback’, aka criticism online.

I know it’s a sexist view, but that’s how I view it.

In this article, I will be taking a look at 6 kinds of women whom men find annoying. Are you one of them? I certainly hope not!


The woman who courts attention unnecessarily is who the drama queen label falls on. They might not necessarily have a personality disorder, but they just feel a constant need to have the attention on themselves to the extent where they create unnecessary drama to achieve this. She’s the type who believes with all her heart that the world is out to get her, but you mustn’t be fooled, she has a way of whipping it all up wherever she goes. She always plays the victim and refuses to take responsibility for her actions. Dating a drama queen can be exciting for a while, but over time the narcissism becomes unbearable.


The party girl is the one who’s always where the music and booze are. She might not necessarily be there to hook up with someone or get noticed, she’s just there to party and due to the fact that we now live in a “hook-up culture,” it’s easy for people to assume the worst. No guy would want to be caught dead with a girl with such bad reputation.


Clingy women are also jealous women. These types come on strong, showering you with loads of love and attention but don’t be fooled by all this as she’s most likely set up to trap you. The number one trait of clinginess is a desire for attention constantly. She will text constantly seeking attention, and if you don’t reply quickly, she will subtly or otherwise ask your whereabouts. Men enjoy their freedom and a woman with this trait would drive men away.


Some women flirt as a sport. Not to lead anyone on per se but just to get that boost of confidence in their life. Even though it might seem like a simple behavior especially when it’s leading to nothing, it’s actually a sign of a deep-seated issue which you should know about most commonly a low self-esteem or one in constant need of validation. This trait is usually too much for most men, so they tend to avoid these kinds of women.


If there’s any latest gossip, these are the ones to go to. These types are always complaining and backbiting anybody no matter how close they may be. Having such women around is either annoying or simply boring.


Call it a gender bias, this is very true. Men get turned off by women who are seeking too much power in their personal and corporate life. If you are woman in leadership position, perhaps use more of your feminine traits to your advantage. It will help you go a Long way.

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