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[Branded Content] Oh’s Farm Catering

It has been a week since our bloggers’ yacht party. Some of you do remember that the bloggers were served tasty-looking food and delicacies by none other than Oh’s Farm!



Oh’s Farm catering is a notch above any other catering business. Starting out in 1984, Oh’s farm has been providing halal-certified, quality food catering for an impressive portfolio of clients including SPH, Disney Studios, H&M, Far East Organization, key government organizations such as the MOH, SAF, CGH, SGH, our 3 top local singapore universities – NUS, NTU, SMU, and key banking partners in Singapore such as OCBC, AIG, American Express, just to name a few.

Oh’s Farm has such an amazing variety of food. There are 3 categories to select from – Standardized, Bento and Customized. During our yacht party, we have chosen to customize our menu to suit our bloggers’ taste buds and whichever cravings they desired. That’s why we chose all the best options such as Tuna croissant, Buffalo Wings, Chicken Nuggets (because who doesn’t love nuggets and wings?!), Swiss Rolls and Calamari Rings. In fact, the list of food you can select from is so vast that we were spoilt for choices!

A simple option is to choose from their standardized menu based on everyone’s cuisine preferences.

Craving for chinese or Asian food? No problem! Their oriental menu and japanese/korean fusion style is readily available. Craving for western food? Consider the job done.


Oriental Curry Prawns (tastes just as good as the one downstairs your house)


A LOT of singaporeans simply cannot resist a sushi buffet catering. Me included!


German Weisswurst (because ordinary sausages from the supermarket cannot compare)


Craving for something to spice up a memorable event? Thai cuisine will not disappoint

We did mention above that Oh’s Farm specializes in halal-certified food catering. Yes folks, they are able to cater for everyone in Singapore regardless of race and religion. In fact, the malay menu is a must try! It’s a well-known fact that everyone in Singapore loves to see Satay on their dining palate during your events


Here’s a peek at the many options you have the freedom to choose from at their online menu


If it is possible you will get it. To top it all off, Oh’s farm catering services also applies here, which means.. Sweet Tooth!


Amazing desserts platter to crave that sweet tooth of yours.


A royal seafood spread fit for kings and queens

Vegetarian? Health Junkie?

The possibilities are simply endless. I once spoke to my vegetarian friend about her problems on finding an all-vegetarian caterer, because this is indeed a niche group in Singapore. It’s pleasing to know that Oh’s farm has a special menu for vegetarians and also a ‘healthier’ menu for those watching their calories. Anything is possible if you can arrange a set up with Oh’s Farm!

Have an idea for an upcoming birthday, corporate event or celebrations? Find out more about your catering needs at


Did you know one thing that most of us are seriously looking forward to during weddings? Of course, we love to see the bride and groom getting together. The wedding menu is also another thing on our minds. Oh’s farm provides an excellent wedding planner service for prospective couples!

Diner En Blanc


This is simply beautiful. A white wedding at Marina Barrage facing the Singapore skyline, with the Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer in the distance. Even if this sort of location is not suited to your dream wedding preferences, we are pleased to inform you that Oh’s Farm also has beach themes, traditional oriental dynasty reminiscence, red carpet affairs and romantic church weddings.


Garden wedding


Alfresco Option, complete with musicians to serenade everyone


Live demonstrations by professional chefs to wow your crowd!


Butler services at any event

Having the option to talk to an event planner to customize your own wedding, to craft it in your image will be such a wonderful experience.

Without a doubt, Oh’s Farm provides Substance. Service. Style.


Jackie Loh Writer The Influencer Media

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