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Teeth Whitening at Luminous Dental Bangkok

Teeth Whitening at Luminous Dental Bangkok

I love Bangkok for various reasons – its cultural attractions, the best shopping scenes, relaxing spas, pumping nightlife and local delicacies. But this time during my short getaway holiday, instead of spending all my time on shopping and eating, I decided to give my teeth a special “treat”.

Introducing WHITER TEETH IN 60 MINUTES @ $395SGD only, at Luminous Dental Group, Pleon Chit Center. The first Singapore – Thailand dental group partnership. Luminous is a trusted homegrown brand with more than 10 clinics in Singapore. And now it has opened it’s first branch in Thailand.

Luminous provide a comprehensive range of dental treatments using the latest technology and with the strictest infection control.

Luminous uses Zoom WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening – one of the latest teeth whitening procedures that has been clinically proven to be a safe and effective treatment for your teeth and gums. It can lighten your teeth up to 8 shades and eliminates stains and discoloration in just 60mins.

Zoom WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening – HOW IT WORKS?

Step 1: Consultation

I am always nervous whenever I visit a dentist. I get embarrassed about my coffee-stained teeth but the receptionist at Luminous Pleon Chit Center made sure I felt at home with her warm and friendly smile during the registration process.

Shortly after, I was ushered to the treatment room to meet Dr Mongkon and his assistant. He examined my teeth and gums to make sure that whitening works for me.

Step 2: Choose Your Shade

Dr Mongkon performed a “Shade Analysis”. He matched my smile to a shade guide both before and after treatment. By documenting the transformation, I would be able to see the measurable difference in the color of my teeth.

Step 3: Preparing Your Teeth

A regular cleaning with scaling and polishing will first be done. This ensures that food particles, bacteria, and tartar do not interfere with the whitening process.

Step 4: Isolating Your Teeth

A blue mouth retractor was placed in my mouth to help keep it open throughout the whole process. A custom-made dental dam was installed to isolate my gums from my teeth. Cotton rolls were also stuffed into my mouth for comfort and support and to keep my saliva out.

Step 5: Zoom WhiteSpeed LED

After making sure that I was comfortable with the mouth retractor, a hydrogen peroxide gel was painted on my teeth. I was given a pair of goggles to protect my eyes. This was when the whitening process truly started.

An overhead lamp – ZoomWhiteSpeed was attached to my mouth retractor. It delivered UV light that beamed into my gel-covered teeth. The ZoomWhiteSpeed was an LED accelerator that helped penetrated the gel and boosted the stain-removing abilities of hydrogen peroxide. This way, the whitening process was greatly expedited. Each cycle lasted only around 15 minutes. For each repeated cycle, a new whitening gel was applied onto my teeth.

What Happened After The Whitening

It is common to experience intermittent pain during and after teeth whitening, depending on how sensitive your teeth are. For me, I experienced a sporadic, throbbing pain that lasted less than half a day. It didn’t feel too bad for me and I was able to go along with my plans, totally unimpeded. The pain faded away before I even realized. In any case, even if it hadn’t, I was given an oral care kit that contained a numbing gel to counter any gum sensitivity that might occur in the next few days.

Some tips:

  1. You can ask for painkillers if you need.

  2. Stay away from citrus and acidic foods such as coffee and carbonated drinks for the next 48hours. This will prevent sensitivity and your whiter teeth will also last longer.

Book your appointment:

  1. Walk into any of Singapore’s Luminous Dental Group Clinics @

  2. Call 6481 1618 and request their friendly staff to arrange an appointment in Bangkok for you.

Special thanks to Dr Kevin Lee and Rebecca Tan, for arranging this special trip for me.

I have a whiter and more confident smile now! J

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