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[Branded Content] POW SING: Traditional Nyonya Delicacies within reach

Traditional Peranakan delicacies go a long way back in history, and it’s getting extremely difficult to find authentic restaurant serving Peranakan delicacies anymore.

Pow Sing managed to uphold its traditions over the years by serving the oh-so-famous Hainanese Chicken Rice as well as their Nyonya dishes that kept customers coming back for more.

Situated in Serangoon Garden, its inaccessibility really do turns me off at times but yet you know it’s worth it because of the food. I really do have this love-hate relationship with Pow Sing. I even kind of got lost in the process of finding this place ._. #roadidiot

Anyway, that’s not the main point, I believe everyone is more interested in the food than me right, so let the pictures speaks a thousand words.

Nyonya Cabbage Roll – $10/$15/$20

Cabbage wrapped in my favorite otah, topped with laksa-liked gravy sauce. It does not taste too milky nor spicy, just the perfect taste I’m comfortable with. Cabbage did not get all soggy even after soaked in the gravy for some time.

Prawn with Nyonya Traditional Sauce $18/$27/$36

It’s one of my favorite dish of the day. I love prawn so much I named myself ‘Prawn Chua’ – gotten my idea from Fish Leong. This dish tasted like Assam Fish Head, spicy yet a little sour but on the good side of the scale. Prawn is fresh and I love its sauce. (Y)

Nyonya Chap Chye – $8/$12/$16

It’s Pow Sing’s award-winning dish but because I’m a carnivore, I can’t appreciate the goodness of it, it feels soggy and I think it’s more for elderly reminiscing the old times where they have this dish at home as well as those that have difficulty chewing food. This is for them.

 Hainanese Chicken – $5/pax

Another of their ‘best-seller’ dish in Pow Sing. I think it just tasted normal, nothing like ‘oh-so-awesome’ but just traditional white chicken. The meat is not tender enough but the sauce added some point for this dish.

Crispy Nyonya Tauhu – $8/$12/$16

Crispy Tauhu that doesn’t feel crispy, it’s rather disappointing that it’s not what I expected.

Instead of crispy, it’s more like taupok ._.

Fish Head Curry – $32/$36

Okay, the main dish of the day, their curry fish head. Their fish is very fresh, all you get is tender white meat melting in your mouth. Their Assam sauce is powerful enough, not too spicy nor sour, best among those I ever eaten. (Y)(Y) It’s the best among the rest (whoo)

The ambience is more family-like, having big tables like those ‘zi-char’ place. It’s very noisy during peak period because everyone come in big group and they chat loudly so perhaps choose a better timing before dropping by. Beside Pow Sing Restaurant, they have one along the same stretch of road, namely Pow Sing Kitchen. It’s their sub restaurant but mostly selling stuffs like ‘Hor Fan’, ‘Chicken Rice’ all these. If you are not in groups, maybe that is more suitable for you.

I had a great time eating all these dishes though I can’t say I really appreciated them but they have a long way coming, maintaining their Nyonya spirit. It doesn’t come easy but I believe for them it’s worth it. They were featured in newspapers, given awards for their various dishes.

Ending of with my not-so-nice Lemon Tea, I suggest y’all choose Tea instead (:

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