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[Branded Content] Wan He Lou Zi Char

Wan He Lou (萬合樓) is a newly opened restaurant which specialises in Chinese cuisine. If you’re a fan of ‘Zi Char’ but are getting tired of what the usual restaurants have to offer, then you have to give Wan He Lou a try.

Below are some of the dishes we tasted and my thoughts on them. The dishes come in S,M,L sizes with different pricings. The pricings listed below are for the size that we were served in, which is a pretty big portion (M or L size).

Fresh vegetable juice (a blend of Cai Xin, Pineapple and Sour Plum) S$2.50

I totally needed a drink to quench my thirst and detox myself from the haze. The boss offered us their signature vege juice right after we settled in

I kinda hate vegetables and was rather reluctant to try this, but I was really surprised when I took my first sip.. It’s really sweet with a sourish note and refreshes the throat and stirs my appetite.

Pan fried Garoupa Slices with pomelo sauce, mangoes and dragon fruit S$19.90

I always love sweet and sour fish, and expected this to be like the normal zi char versions. Was happy to know that they included mangoes, pomelo and dragon fruit thus it had a really light and fruity overall note which felt rather healthy compared to the sauce laden sweet and sour fish dishes we usually have.

Crispy Seafood Delight and Otah with Crepe S$10.90

This is a delightful dish which young children will definitely love. The otah wasn’t too spicy (this coming from someone who can’t take spicy food) and the crepe was really crispy. It was overall topped with tasty mayonnaise which made the whole dish very delightful. 

Signature Chicken S$12.90

This dish consists of de-boned chicken wings stuffed with some sort of minced meat and minced veges like carrots etc. It’s coated with some sort of barbecue sauce which made the dish really sweet and tasty. I find this really easy to eat and will recommend this dish for both kids and adults.

Kurobuta Pork roll wrapped with Garlic Shoots S$14.90


Crispy Lotus with Salted egg (JEN’S RECOMMENDATION: MUST TRY DISH) S$10.90

This is definitely one of my favorite dishes! The lotus roots were fried to perfection (absolutely crispy, thin and fluffy like potato chips) and the salted egg yolk adds to the flavor. I could eat this all day long!

Stir Fried French Bean with Dried Shrimp S$8.90

If there’s a reason why I can’t be a food blogger, it’s cause I hate veggies (no, I am just picky!) Okay, views from fellow bloggers is that this could be slightly salty if you’re not eating it with rice but many found the shrimp taste really flavorful so if you like veges, do give this a try.

Prawn in Hawthorn sauce S$15.90

This dish was quite peculiar cause everyone gave different responses upon tasting it. It was mainly sweet with a slightly spicy note, which was quite enjoyable but could get a little tiring after awhile (cause I am generally not a fan of sweet foods).

Beancurd in Crabmeat and Yellow Gravy S$10.90

What’s so unique about this beancurd? The chef made it from scratch! It definitely tastes way better than the normal beancurd we buy from stores outside. It’s soft, bouncy and melts in the mouth and the gravy definitely made this dish a delectable one.

And here we are for their signature dish – the Lobster Porridge! S$29.90 (Good for 2 paxs to share)

This is definitely one of their unique selling points cause: 1) not many restaurants sell lobster porridge 2) theirs is very reasonably priced 3) it’s fresh and delicious!

Not just tasty, it’s mouth-watering tasty! The lobster was huge and the meat was really fresh!

My dialect is Teochew and I love teochew fish porridge where the rice is poured into the soup and not cooked in it   In my opinion, rice steeped in tasty soup makes the best porridge ever!

The gravy was so good cause all the essence of the lobster was absorbed into the soup and it was really just golden goodness in a bowl.

A group picture with the bloggers and the owner   Thanks for having us there! I am definitely coming back for the lotus root with salted egg (slurps)!


And oh, one most important point, they don’t charge GST and service charge! Prices listed on menu are all NETT. Awesome or what?

If you’re keen to visit:

Wan He Lou 65 Maude Road (A 10 minutes walk from Lavender MRT) Tel: 6294-8057

Opening Hours Monday – Sunday Lunch: 11am – 2.30pm Dinner: 5pm – 10.30pm

Like their FB page to get updates on promos:

Find out more about Jenn Tay from her blog at:

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