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Dance to the Beat of Bo Bo Cha Cha with The Great World Cabaret

“Bo Bo Cha Cha”, Great World Cabaret is the product of a first ever collaboration between Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) and one of Singapore’s most recognisable theatrical companies, Dream Academy.

The show makes its global premiere on 19 February 2015, the first day of the Chinese New Year, at the Resorts World Theatre. This entertaining live theatrical variety show is headlined by a different stand-up local comedian every week, complemented by an illusionist, dancing girls, singers, acrobats and more.

Is there a decent storyline you ask? Yes, there most certainly is. The show begins with the recollection of an old man, a flash back, a trip down memory lane.

Great World Cabaret is set to take audiences back to the exuberant “Bo Bo Cha Cha” days of Singapore’s yesteryears, where dancing girls, comedians and acrobats would light up the stage with glitz and glee.

The show features three home-grown legends who graced the stages of nightclubs and amusement parks across Singapore in its early years of independence namely, Rose Chan (played by Ms Seong Hui Xuan), popular Malay folk singer, Kartina Dahari (played by Ms Aisyah Aziz) and Singapore’s reigning a-go-go and yodeling queen, Sakura Teng (played by Ms Joanna Dong).  Audiences can look forward to a blast from the past as they sing and tap along to familiar classics like Rose Rose I Love You, Shake Shake Shake and Bunga Meelur.

Great World Cabaret also features a star-studded line-up of Singapore’s top stand-up comedians including Mr Mark Lee , Mr Hossan Leong, Ms Judee Tan and Mr Sebastian Tan who will perform a week each to bring the house down with their hilarious stand-up act during the show run.

What is the highlight of the show? I would suggest that it is none other the performance by our local comedians. For us, we got to see Mark Lee in action. Yes, he is no singer, no dancer but just by his speech alone he left the audience bursting in laughter. You most certainly have to hear what he has to say about his role at the Great World Cabaret, from laundering money in the underworld to laundering clothes, underwear.

Be prepared to be entertained and relive that retro era of Singapore in the Great World Cabaret.

Writer: Samuel Low

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