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ECCO Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

ECCO Biarritz Black
ECCO Collin Moonless
ECCO Collin Sneaker Port
ECCO CS14 Black
ECCO Henley Mink
ECCO Hybrid B Navajo Brown
ECCO Ian Bison
ECCO Ian Marine
ECCO Intrinsic 2 Shoe Slip Dark Shadow Picante
ECCO Intrinsic 2 Shoe Slip True Navy
ECCO Intrinsic 2 Shoe Slip
ECCO Intrinsic 2 True Navy
ECCO Intrinsic 2
ECCO Summer Moc Picante

The Spring/Summer 2016 Collection was inspired by three themes: Bohemian Satorialist which Incorporates various ethnicities’ styles for optimal mobility; Natural Imperfection which is all about appreciating the authenticity and integrity of natural materials; and Biomimicry that infuses innovative and futuristic elements, focusing on the technology to achieve an ideal range of footwear that is dependable. The colour palate of the season range from monochromatic tones to a natural theme consisting of florals, pastels and earthy tones as well as iridescent silver and vibrant hues of orange, plum, blue and green.

In addition to casual and formal shoe styles, ECCO has expanded on their highly successful active lifestyle range – Intrinsic 2, which offers sleek designs of sneakers in various colours for both men and women crafted in knitted textile and leather. For women, the Intrinsic range (Karma) also includes a selection of ballerina flats that are lightweight and durable.

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