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Johnny Marr is coming to Singapore!

Yes, we know, many of you were very disappointed that Robbie Williams canceled this year’s show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. But don’t fret, his compatriot, Johnny Marr is putting on a show at the end of this month at the National University of Singapore.

Marr’s name is synonymous with Morrissey and The Smiths. Mostly, he is known for his guitar skills in alternative rock and indie pop rock genres, and at 51, he continues to attract a young following that is thirsty for novelty and the sound of real instruments.


Not to say that Marr hasn’t experimented musically. At one point, he was a member of the alternative dance group Electronic.

Being associated with acts like Paul McCartney, Modest Mouse and The Pretenders yielded over twenty albums throughout his career.

Marr will be in Singapore, for the first time in his career, on 30 July at The University Cultural Centre (UCC) Hall, NUS.

-Rafael Rivas

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