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Keeping Company Data Safe: Educating Your Employees on Basic Security Measures


Keeping Company Data Safe: Educating Your Employees on Basic Security Measures

The problem with security in the modern realm is that from a technical point of view, there are far too many traps and pitfalls for inexperienced or older employees to fall into. The amount of liability is not only an unheard of amount, but when you start to think about the quantity of potential traps and the sheer number of threats out there each and every day, you can easily see why it is so hard to trust older employees who aren’t as familiar with the internet to have full access to both computers and sensitive data. Consider the following measures as necessary to discuss with your employees with respect to basic security.

Understand The Importance Of Passwords

According to the Last Pass, employees make far too many mistakes with passwords. Not only do they not record them, but when they do record them they leave out their password sheet. They can use the same password over and over again to remember it, but the problem is if that password is breached or compromised then every password that they have is susceptible. They may use the same passwords for both personal use and company use, but then that can open up an entirely new set of problems. Password education is a critical step because the entire security of the organization depends solely on the security measures in place being taken seriously as well.

Verify Who You Are Talking To

The truth is when you are responsible for any sort of data or sensitive data, then you have to be aware of the potential problems that can come up with respect to having and protecting that data. That is why when people make phone calls, send phishing emails, and even pretend to be someone else in person, then you have to have multiple systems in place to verify that someone is who they say that they are. The benefit is to use something with security already built in such as encrypted video conferencing for IT solutions by the BlueJeans in order to know that the only people who are able to access your company and your data are the very people who are being protected behind encrypted channels.

Compromising Sensitive And Confidential Information

When you think about the specifics of compromising data and confidential information, the first thing that you should pay attention to is the fact that you are always somewhat vulnerable to hacks. As the SSE Network reported, even the United States Census was able to be hacked by world famous hackers known as Anonymous. This means that even the top security measures taken to protect people can still come up somewhat short and can still have holes in their security measures. What it also means is that regardless of what your plans are as an organization, you will always be vulnerable. That’s why when you are storing any sort of information for any reason whatsoever, you have to make sure you not only protect it to the best of your abilities, but you also find a way to transfer the risk and possible even have other organizations store it on secure servers.

Keep Permission To A Minimum

While employees might think that they are vital to the operation and should have access to do whatever they please and to do it whenever they would like to, the truth is that those sorts of employees are delusional. They want to go online and download apps and games, access news sites that will allow them to view gossip, and even shop. Not only are those things not related to work, but they are some of the top methods that hackers take in order to access your system and to break through into your data. In other words, it is the actions of the employee that actually create the bridge into your company. Instead of giving your employees every permission imaginable, it makes far more sense to simply lay down security blockers, disable downloading capabilities, and keep your employees from accessing anything that could be deemed a threat. As you continue to educate them about the possibilities of what could be waiting out there for them, they should hopefully understand and fully comply with your requests.

As you continue to gain more knowledge into the world of online security and the major problems that come with the territory, it can only make sense why so many will make such a big deal about protecting data and keeping cyber security threats to a minimum. Just make sure that you do whatever is necessary to get your employees onboard and in no time at all you should start to be able to breathe a sigh of relief as you know your biggest cyber threats are minimized if not eli

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